TN NV Gosset Champagne Grand Rosé Brut (no hype)

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    • NV Gosset Champagne Grand Rosé Brut - France, Champagne (22/07/2020)
      Pale; faint ('elegant') strawberried fruit; fresh, zippy, lightweight ('subtle'); lean ('restrained') finish. Insubstantial ('stylish'). (85 pts.)
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    Laughable VFM. (Others thought differently).
    I enjoyed the Dutschke Shiraz St. Jakobi '02 a little more (loads more). The light chilling helped & so did the < 50% lower price.
  1. I bought and tried a couple of bottles last year. It was lightweight and decent, but the NV Fourny Rose I drank as well was noticeably superior, and cheaper.
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  2. Sad to see such a poor note on what was once the go to(If you couldn’t get Billecart-Salmon) GM pinkie.Both seem to have completely lost their way.
    You could easily be describing any of the Gosset’s we had at the masterclass at last years London outing.
    That said I have enjoyed their Petit Doucier rosé to the point of going back for more, wonderful with some Asian food or pastries.
    And the 15 ans has also proven a success, haven’t gotten round to the 12 ans yet as the 15 based around 99 vintage is less money.
  3. Oh, I thought it was just me being miserable.
  4. Well possibly! But to be fair, the style is not one I would expect you to enjoy (I think you prefer a touch more fruit and creamier mouthfeel).
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  5. It may come as no surprise that I can add heidsieck monopole vintage 2010 to the list of unexceptional fizz. I’m no fan of gosset pink either.
  6. Weirdly Gosset Rose is far and away my favourite pink fizz.
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  7. Indeed! It isn't a badly made wine but is firmly in the polarising camp (I'm really proud of that oxymoron).

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