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  1. Having just enjoyed a splendid Thai meal at Farang (more below) I thought it might be worth trying to kick off a Norf London food thread, plaudits and disappointments and all. I am Catholic in my tastes and indeed my definition as to what constitutes North London - perhaps mid-Upper Street and the wilds beyond? A number of names have cropped up in other threads - Jun Ming Xuan, Trullo, Friends Fish (Barnet), Odettes, Fabrica, Bar Esteban come quickly to mind - but a central thread may provide the odd flash of inspiration for others.

    Anyway, Farang is in Highbury Barn, actually temporarily nestling in an old Italian joint so probably meets the definition of a pop up but has been there for several months at least. Out of the same stable as Smoking Goat in Soho, cooking and service by Farangs, hence the moniker, but really top notch mid/Southern Thai booking - minced pork belly; chicken and minced tiger prawn; coconut braised beef cheeks....really rich deep flavours, big portions on the large dishes, less explosive spicing than some, well worth a diversion. And unlike many cool pop-up type joints, you can actually reserve, which I would recommend as they were properly busy. Wine list would indicate that beer should be the drink of choice, though didn't try BYO. Menu
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  2. Sounds good! So is the idea that people just add to this thread with reviews of places they've been?

    I thought the wine list of that place looked OK. Plenty of Thai wines, which I can't comment on, but would be curious to try. Did you ask them if they'd consider corkage?
  3. Yup I thought just a rolling run of reviews. Didn't explore corkage, distracted by the edibles I'm afraid.
  4. I live practically opposite Farang and went there around 3 weeks ago. I thought the food really excellent. Pretty spicy too. Not especially cheap though. Wine list was terrible and expensive - about 4 choices of red or white - none of which particularly suited the food IMHO. Tried the G-V which was a poor example (at £30) and didn't have any of the weight or spice to match the food. Not sure if they do BYO. They should do a deal with Highbury Vintners who are practically opposite. Apparently the pop-upness is being extended by another 6 months. This is good. I almost never saw anybody in the place when it was an Italian restaurant.

    I enjoyed Xi-An Impression by the new Arsenal stadium recently. Basic but food v good. Cheap and large portions.
    Am off to Anima e Cuore in Kentish Town in a few weeks - not been but looking forward to.
    Still to try Osteria Tufo in the obscure location on Fonthill Road in Finsbury Park. I have heard good things.
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  5. Agree Xian Impression excellent noodles, been there a few times (though don't do take-away as fresh noodles get sticky quickly).
    Osteria Trufo we tried recently for Sunday lunch, nice place and staff, quite a lot of tomato based dishes in case that is an issue for anyone, but food well done. Not tried of an evening yet. Think they did do BYO though cannot recall cost.
  6. I will be monitoring this thread with interest even though I don't quite live in the ascribed catchment area - I am only one third the way up Upper Street. Fredericks is reliable but again not in the catchment area - it is in Camden Passage - and is a solid four star establishment as opposed to the five star NPM establishments. I only know up to 'good' restaurants in North London, nothing that goes the extra mile at any price point.

    I was going to do an offline at Perilla in Newington Green in January but got waylaid. One of my work colleagues owns a stake in this.


    Has anyone been?
  7. Speaking of Newington Green, there is Trangallan as well...
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  8. Very happy to see this thread as a Highbury resident!

    I live around the corner from Farang but had no idea it was now a Thai place - booked in to try it out on Sunday so thanks for the heads up Alistair

    Here are a few we like in the area:

    Trullo - highbury corner - good Italian with some interesting wines, my only gripe is that the portions can be a bit small

    Prawn on the Lawn - very close to Trullo, just moved into the old site of Le Coq - we had a lovely first lunch here on Saturday - they do interesting small plates and lots of other fish and shellfish options. The hake and the mussels / clams / manzanilla were highlights

    Escocesa - Spanish place in Stoke Newington. Authentic tapas and also do great paella at the weekends. Good selection of sherries i believe

    A couple i have not tried but heard good things about:
    - black axe mangal on highbury corner
    - a new place on the site of the almeida off upper street, think i saw a good review recently

    Down in Angel, my favorites are Bellanger (alsace brasserie with some decent wines by the glass) and Moro

  9. I want to arrange a little offline at Ruby Rose in Crouch End.

    I very much enjoyed Irvin Bar Grill, also in Crouch End.

    Used to be a big fan of Odette's but they started messing us around and so I've not been back.

    Fredericks seem up for an offline, so should try doing one there some time.

    But there's no "Chez Bruce" of the North, is there? Even in Hampstead/Highgate where the wealth much surely merit such a place.
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  10. Cosy · Casual · Groups
    This is good on Petherton Road Also Western Laundry in Drayton Park. Sister Restaurant with excellent fish courses
    4.3 (95) · Restaurant
    Modern European small plates and wines served in a stylish former garage space with communal tables.
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  11. Too right Alex.

    I lobbied Fredericks hard to do an offline and they were highly restrictive re number of bottles. To do an offline there you need to hire the private room, which is expensive as it seats well in excess of 20.
  12. Trullo a favourite (teenage daughters usually leave enough for me to scoff!). Max's names new to me so thanks. 500 just down from Archway also good Italian though decor a bit minimalist, I like a bit more comfort in my surroundings but the food can be excellent. Assume everyone knows La Fabrica and Esteban (and indeed Del Parc) tapas options, shout if need more detail.
  13. I'm not so sure - the guy I had a brief exchange with (Matt Segal) was nowhere near as prescriptive*. It's such a moveable feast with most restaurants. Some of them give it a go, before deciding either it isn't for them, or thinking that we should be good for a few more quid (perhaps they look the bottles up on wine-seacher and presume we can afford "current retail"!). If there's any interest in early July, I'll do it. Perhaps if I can get 6-10 people, that would be doable. Obviously I wouldn't go for a Fri/Sat and would avoid December.

    *They said that they'd be looking for £15/head corkage and if a group of 10+ then I'd have to pick 3 or 4 options for each course from which guests would make their selection.
  14. This is Radici - a D&D venture with the involvement of Franceco Mazzei. I saw a good review too.
  15. D&D used to run Almeida anyway, didn't they?
  16. Good thread...

    No-one has mentioned Heirloom or Esteban in Crouch End yet.
  17. Nicos, yes, was assuming some names would crop up regularly. Heirloom we only went to once, had a good meal, not sure why we haven't been back though perhaps felt it was safe? Would be happy to try again if others think it worth the diversion. Esteban and Fabrica are our tapas stalwarts in the area (while La Lluna in Muswell Hill was a bit of a disappointment).
  18. Indeed Alistair we also went to Heirloom and it was good but maybe lacked atmosphere? I have not been to Western Laundry yet if some others would like to meet up.
  19. I really enjoy Heirloom, and the menu changes very regularly - but the space is a bit weird, and I don't think they've got their atmosphere quite right.

    Bar Esteban probably my favourite in Crouch End, but Irvin runs it close - both do excellent food, by local restaurant standards.

    Ruby Rose I also love - but only ever been for breakfast. Do they do more than that?

    Finally, has anyone else ever tried Les Associes?
  20. That's an understatement.

    Xi'an Impressions, Hunanese street food, opposite the Arsenal ground, was brilliant the one time we went there. Happy to do BYO.
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  21. Les Associes, yes, OK if you're local but not worth a detour.
  22. Hadn't heard of Western Laundry but looks intriguing (though I noticed a couple of reviews refer to small portions which might be a red flag for some of us!!). Not tried Primeur either - looks like it is close by our old home near Clissold Park, no fancy eating round there when we were living there, just fights at the Arsenal Tavern!
  23. Trying out Westerns Laundry next week so will report back. Also no mention of Seasons Kitchen on Stroud Green just up from Fabrica. I have eaten a couple of times there and always been pleasantly surprised.
  24. We tried Seasons Kitchen and did enjoy - nice local vibe. Only issue was acoustics, a loud Saturday night, and sitting near the entrance on a cold night - lots of people popping in on spec so a bit of a breeeze, but very decent food, and wine mark-up seemed sensible. In the Jay Rayner thread there is a review of Western laundry - fizzy wines! Look forward to your wise words. Rayner on natural wine again.
  25. 3 of us had lunch at Westerns Laundry on Sunday which was excellent. 6 of us had dinner there last night and enjoyed a fabulous cross section of 8 dishes plus dessert. The Jersey oysters with chilli are great . Fish courses included Benito, Turbot cod. T

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