Noize - New offline Venue?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Alex Jagger, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Anyone else see the Andy Hayler review of this restaurant?

    The review is very positive and the food pics look excellent.

    Most interesting is a flat corkage fee of 20 quid AND a private room so this maybe an excellent addition to the select bunch of venues where forumites can have both!

    If anyone tries it please give the feedback.
  2. This is certainly a refreshing note on a restaurant website...

    Customers are also encouraged to bring their own wines where they will be tended and prepared according to their requirement, for a small corkage fee.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, looks interesting. I did think at first that it might be a Slade themed restaurant but I see that Andy Hayler's site doesn't seem to cope well with é !
  4. Interesting. Thanks. Sounds v good. Apparently, Noizé is the name of the village the chef comes from in the Loire. The site is the where Dabbous was, on Whitfield Street in Fitzrovia (in London).
  5. Central as well - is there a Prothero equivalent of Boycott Bingo for offline venues?
  6. Looks excellent. Dinner duly booked for a months time. But certainly looks like it could work as an offline.
  7. I've booked this for dinner next week. Mathieu is such a good chap so I am glad the new venture seems to be going well for him.
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  8. I very much enjoyed dinner at Noize last night. Friends from California wanted a BYO in Central London at short notice without going over the top. It proved ideal.

    Atmosphere was relaxed, food was good, service friendly and excellent. I agree with what has been written up here by Matt in the Vernay thread, Andy Hayler, and also Fay Maschler who wrote a very good review in the ES. A fine and very useful venue for London wine lovers.

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