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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Chris Hambleton, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. I didn’t go to a tasting tonight in Farringdon of wines made in France by an Aussie. we’ve never heard of him. They weren’t really good. (Except maybe the not from Gevrey-Chambertin not pinot noir, which to my mind was not showing as well as the not pommard). Anyway, nothing to see here as apparently this counts as social media.

    It wasn’t great fun, nor a great venue, nor were the wines excellent across the board.

    Job done
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  2. I don't concur with Chris as I wasn't there; I had sent a clone as a replacement. The clone spotted a few other fourmites in attendance but can't tell you who they were as the clone is not good with remembering names

    The winemaker was also in disguise as an Aussie; loved the put on accent! So French! Not going to say anything about the wines on show although a wine sounding like a Bogie was not too shabby but poor value for money. And it wasn't a Pinot Noir / Gamay blend from a vineyard in Don Bonhammy either. Don't fill your boots! I've said too much already! :D
  3. How did I miss this? Probably just as well!
  4. I was going to fly over for this event.
  5. Surely cheaper to just buy the wines in Canada?
  6. so which vintage was this definitely not?
  7. Not the 2017s
  8. Fake news! :p
  9. definitely not interesting. I don't have any questions, but if I did they wouldn't be:

    when didn't the malos complete? how does they not compare with the 2014s?
  10. I wasn’t there
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  11. I can name several forumites who weren't there last night....
  12. No idea on question 1 Stefan, it was an informal thing. As for q2, the answer for my palate is 'very favourably', although only one direct comparison was available - the Saint Romain and both vintages were showing very well. Quite a few new ones including an excellent Chassagne-Montrachet, delicious chambolle (very much speaking of the vineyard) and has been pointed out above, the new slightly off-beat red which I thought was terrific.
  13. The bastard invited me!

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