No Polos, but what about a wine deal instead?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Kevin Courtney, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. I know I can't possibly hope to match the enthusiasm engendered by Tom's polo shirt idea: that was always going to appeal to the forum's snazzy dresser brigade. I did however suggest to Tom that some forum members may be more interested in trying new wines than upgrading their attire. So I have come up with an idea to sell a selection of fine Riverby wines to Forum members with Tom to receive a generous percentage of the sales.

    I am just initially gauging whether there is any interest in the idea. My initial thoughts are to offer a six pack of 3 Riverby 2018 Chardonnay and 3 Riverby 2019 Pinot Noir. The Chard is £20 per bottle and the Pinot Noir is £24. There would be a freight cost of £10. So £142 all up for that particular combo.

    Tom rated both wines 92 in his visit to NZ earlier this year. As some of you may know 2019 is a great NZ vintage. I have never had a Pinot that has drunk well from the moment it has been bottled before, and I have certainly never released a Pinot this young. It is only available in the UK market so far.

    For those of you who would otherwise have tried these wines at Tom's festivals this is a chance to try them at home and contribute to a good cause at the same time. People would just order directly through my importers, The Black Dog Wine Agency, and mention that they are on the forum. There are obviously limited stocks of these wines, esp the Chard, so first in first served. We could do a similar deal with some of our other wines and I could send some more wine over in due course if this goes well.

    So for now I am just gauging if there is any interest. I know its not as exciting as a polo shirt. I do think both wines are some of the very best we have ever made.
  2. I’m interested Kevin, this sounds a great idea
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  3. I’m trying to resist buying more wine but this does sound interesting...
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  4. Also interested.
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  5. What a lovely gesture Kevin.
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  6. I would be interested too - thanks.
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  7. A very generous offer. Happy to take a case.
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  8. I think that I'd be interested too.
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  9. Well, there is certainly interest. I hope you like the wines. As I said the pinot is still very young but already drinking well. It will age for many years.

    I have warmed my importers to be ready for an influx of orders. All you need to do is email David and Katie Paddle of the Black Dog Wine Agency at and just tell them you want the wine forum six pack.

    I look forward with anticipation (trepidation?) to hearing what people think of the wines.
  10. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    A typically generous offer from Kevin this, and a fine opportunity to try his excellent new vintages. You will find my notes from my January visit below. They really are lovely wines, and if the Pinot and Chardonnay run out, there are excellent Rieslings, a cracking white Bordeaux blend, fine Gruner and more...

    Tasting notes for Riverby Estate
  11. Brilliant! One suspects that sponsors benefit greatly from sales generated by Tom, an "influencers" fee seems appropriate. Well done Kevin!
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    l dont know how flexible the Black Dog people are, but they do have an online shop. If your 6 packs were on there it might be easier for people to order and pay online? Otherwise I imagine people won't want to give credit card details in an email, so it will need a phone call too I imagine?

    I dont want to interfere if it's already all worked out though!
  13. I mailed them this morning and got an email back with their bank details. Money duly transferred so so far at least it seems somewhat easy - on my part at least...
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  14. I think they are quite happy for people to email Tom. Makes it easier to sort everything out. I am leaving it in their hands. It will be intriguing to have lots of people trying the same two wines. And as you say we can try some other wine combos going forward.
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  15. From what I hear Leon the big challenge in the UK is usually the couriers so we will hope for the best.
  16. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    Well done for being our Guinea pig Leon and glad it was painless. Palate calibration exercise on the horizon?
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  17. I’d love to try the Riesling and Bordeaux blend too. Can we sort out something similar on a mixed dozen Kevin/Tom?
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  18. Checked the website, no Riverby Estate wines here in Edmonton. Sigh.
  19. Hello Ian. I don't think there is any of the Sav Sem (bordeaux blend) in the UK at the moment. A certain forum member got down on it all. I will organise to send some over next time I do a shipment. I am sure Dave will be happy to include any other varieties. Feel free to ask him what he has available. The 2015 Reserve Pinot would be well worth trying.

    When we see how this initial selection goes I will arrange to send over some other varieties.
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  20. Sadly no, a very hard market.
  21. Order placed.
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    Steve, just to be crystal clear (Riedel or Zalto): I have an absolutely strict rule, NOT to accept any commission or referral fees for sales of wines by my sponsors. It's vital for me that when I comment on a wine it is an independent and honest opinion that is not influenced by me earning a penny from subsequent sales of that wine.

    This is different, a) because Kevin is not a sponsor, but b) because it is all part of the 'donation' cycle and is Kevin's way of doing so. It made perfect sense to me because I had reviewed the wines long before this came about, and because he is a genuine, long-term and active member of our forum (as well as being a thoroughly decent guy making excellent wines).

    P.S. I do shudder slightly at being described as 'an influencer', even if I know what you mean! :)
  23. Sorry to have misunderstood, thanks for the clarification, it is rare to see such ethics in the world of wine criticism (HA).

    You influence people..... however it is a phrase that makes my toes curl too.
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