Neal Martin

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Filippo Nanni, May 21, 2019.

  1. Just saw he underwent surgery. I wanted to send something to the hospital.

    May I ask to anyone who knows the hospital to PM me?


  2. 2803D42F-97E2-48C5-895E-8728547EA025.jpeg Just a little lighter but all the better for that :) looks about 5 years younger don’t you think ?
  3. Wow! Wouldn’t have recognised him! Well done!
  4. Get well soon Neal. Hope the palate remains intact (musical taste seems to be!)

    Will be interesting to hear your opinion on the 2018 Bordeaux vintage!
  5. And probably feels 10 years younger!

    Nice one Neal, good luck with a quick recovery.
  6. Sorry, just noticed this thread. I’m doing OK. The bypass operation was two weeks ago. Today was a crucial one as I had to see whether I could catch a bus into Guildford to buy a record on my own. I successfully bought The Smiths 12-inch of Girlfriend in a Coma before returning home a little out of breath and achy. Nevertheless, mission accomplished.
  7. Well done Neil, keep it up and take care.
    See you soon!
  8. Good news, Neal. Keep on prioritising your recovery goals.;)
  9. Well done Neal...nothing like The Smiths to cheer you up!
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  10. Or at least knowing someone is more miserable than you! Good news.
  11. Next goal, a trip to Oddbins

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