Naked Wines suspends orders

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Tom Cannavan, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Tom Cannavan

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    due to coronavirus. I know some will rejoice, but it is a big part of the UK retail scene. Maybe indies who can still trade will benefit...
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  2. Tom. Are you suggesting Naked are struggling? An article in the Times suggests they, and other online retailers, cannot cope with the huge demand in orders they have had in the last few days especially as some of their staff are self isolating. Sounds like we are going to need alcohol to get through the next few weeks.
  3. The website is up with no reference to difficulty. Though I have never ventured beyond the landing page. The share price is up 9% on the day.
  4. Tom Cannavan

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    Not at all. I think the reason given is demand is outstripping their resources. It is a suspension of service.
  5. Anecdotal evidence. Yapp had its best ever day sending out wines to clients. Majestic wines Putney branch, was busier than Christmas Eve.
    Equally I got no Gonon from the WS !!
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  6. Very odd! The same thing is happening in our supermarkets and rather than suspend business, they are employing more people to cope with the demand.
  7. This seems odd. Supplies are still available. But does Naked still operate on a subscription system? If so maybe lots of their customers decided to use up their accounts and the problem is financial, not physical.
  8. Tom Cannavan

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    Well, they're back in action as far as I can see from their website
  9. So it was bullshit, as I suspected.
  10. Rowan Gormley is the Tim Martin of the wine world.
  11. Tim Martin was rightly slated in a Times leader today.

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