TN Musar Jeune 2016

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Otto Nieminen, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Chateau Musar Jeune Rouge 2016 - 14% abv; Cinsault, Syrah, Cab S; c.15€

    I know I'm not usually very keen on the Musars other than the main wines. They're simple, unfunky and perfectly nice but lack the magic of Musar proper. This wine was like that when I first tried it early summer 2018. It smelled and tasted like a typical Rhone blend - quite like a cheap but well made CdR.

    And a cheap fun little CdR is what I kind of felt like today so I bought one. But what has transformed it in a couple months into such a beauty? Now there are some savoury, proto-funk aromas rising from the glass in addition to the CdR-like fruit. It's now recognisably from Ch. Musar. Not as wild or lifted from VA as the proper stuff but the family resemblance is there. Oh well, I won't complain. Might have to get a couple more of these.
  2. Not sure exactly what you view as "funk", Otto, but I usually seem to pick up VA on the various Musar non-Chateau reds. They seem fruitier to me, but otherwise give strong hints as to what to expect if you upgrade.
  3. Thanks for that,Otto.

    I got a bottle of the 2014 as a gift. Seems its ready to drink.
  4. Thanks for the note.
    Seems like a really good price there as well.

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