Musar for tonight...

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Jamie Wakeham, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. ... 2005 or 2007? Or are both still a bit unready?

    And a sensible decant time - couple of hours?

  2. 05 is by far the better. I personally like a long decant. As many as 8 hours.
  3. Thanks Alex. I need to drive to the Lakes with it... I think I might be best off opening it now, re-corking it, and letting it breathe on the journey!
  4. Oooh, nice. When should we expect you? ;-)
  5. Knowing the M6, tomorrow...
  6. Lucy4 in Ambleside used to do three Musar vintages by the glass. Given the vintages were 94, 95 and 97, this was some time ago.
  7. Anyone broached the '09 recently?

    I bought some a couple of years ago now, didn't think it was ready at all then, but pondering trying another soon to see how it's going....
  8. What about a `99?
  9. Hmmm... also thinking I should check out a 99.

    05 has been gorgeous for years (at least in halves), and presumably still is.
  10. ‘99 can be enjoyed now. ‘01 better currently. Best now? ‘91.
    ‘79 trumps all, of course.

    NB. Not tasted ‘05. :oops:
  11. I think 1999 and 2005 are both fantastic vintages.
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  12. Yes. 05 has been in very short supply as well
  13. My sole 91 was a bit past it, I thought, when I had it maybe two years ago.Bit too light.
  14. In a decanter or just cork out?
  15. I suppose I usually double decant back into the bottle. However, my main experience is based on drinking half and enjoying it more the next day. So I would certainly do more than take the cork out. Mmmm. Makes me want to open one now. Maybe tomorrow. Will try a full decant into a decanter at about midday.
  16. Last year, one bottle was superb, another awful.
  17. Maybe the only generalisation you can make about Musar is that it is ALWAYS better the next day. And sometimes two or three days.
  18. So true Mark. And yet it seems hard to reproduce that - to effectively make the first day taste like a second day.
  19. A double decant I can understand but 8 hours in a decanter seemed excessive.
  20. I guess the decanter design makes a big difference - I wasn’t thinking of one of those fat bottomed ones...
  21. I think one needs to develop time travel skills, Alex. By that I mean anticipating one's desire for Musar by at least 24 hours ;)
  22. Opened a 2003 half an hour ago and was quite surprised at how lovely it was on immediate pouring. Will see how it develops....
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  23. So mine was opened at midday, immediately re-corked, bounced around in the boot of a car for six hours, and re-opened. Sadly the horde fell upon it straight away and I had no chance to go back for a second glass to see how it was developing over the evening! That first glass was a good one though.
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  24. Like Alex, I find 2003 seems to have less bottle variation and funk than older vintages of Musar. Is this an atypical vintage or a trend?
  25. For best results I suck it through a straw.

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