Morrisons beer festival

Discussion in 'The Beer Forum' started by Alan Ball, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Morrisons are currently having a beer festival. Some of the beers are not very exciting but they do have a couple of barrel-aged beers, a cherry saison and a chocolate and orange stout.
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  2. They also have a couple of St Peters Beers, a citrus one and a plum porter. Oakham brewed two beers for the festival, one made with New Zealand hops and an American pale ale. The Kiwi Ale (?) is really nice. Brains have the whiskey one, a 6% strong ale. And there seem to be some German beers hovering about the festival beers, including Erdinger Oktoberfest and Spaten Munchen. I actually really like the Spaten beer...
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  3. I've sampled all of the festival beers over the past couple of weeks but my local store now have the remaining beers reduced to £1.00 each. They've no longer got the full range available but I've just picked up another six different ones for the very agreeable price of £6.00,
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  4. I picked up a mixed 18 for £18 on a recent visit. First sampled last night was very agreeable.
  5. I went back again and got a few for a £1. Not that many left. I have just tried The Great Yorkshire Brewery Golden 2017 which is brewed with experimental hops. The notes on the bottle say "...we use over 2000 (hops) in this beer. Each brew will be unique." I assume they have used a different hop in each beer rather than 2000 hops in each beer. The brewery appears to also produce a different Golden beer of 4.2% (The one from Morrisons is 4%)

    I quite like this. It is fruity with lemon and gooseberry. I bought two so it will be interesting to see what the other one tastes like.
  6. I have tried the other one. It tastes the same. Not quite so impressed second time, but it is okay. This is more than can be said for the Little Valley Cherry Saison. This is a strange mixture of saison and alco-pop. It combines tartness with sickly sweetness and includes some odd flavours than get worse the more you drink. I bought two of these as it looked interesting, so I still have another one to drink.
  7. Agree on the Saison, Alan.

    My stash now gone. Will top up again on others in the range next time they do one of these.

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