Monday morning in Burgundy

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  1. The most hastily arranged part of our last-minute escape to the Continent was the return leg; we're staying one night in Burgundy and one night in Champagne, but apart from accommodation have nothing planned.

    We're staying Sunday night in Morey-St-Denis and have a three-hour drive to get to our Monday night hotel. Any suggestions for things to do on Monday morning (ideally wine-related), and places to have lunch either near there or en route? Don't want to go much further south and will have two (usually well behaved) children in tow.
  2. Not wine related, but Troyes is pleasant for a lunchtime stop if you don’t linger in Burgundy — old centre, cathedral etc and plenty of typical lunch options incl those specialising in the local AAAAA Andouillettes.

    The Maison du Vin in Morey used to have a good selection, though I suspect it’s no longer the source of fairly priced Ponsot it once was.
  3. Some are stunning-as they should be at what can be more than 40 euros per kilo, which for fresh sausage must be a world beating price, to indulge in some fashionable boosterism.
  4. I love them, but get the impression the family would prefer me to only consume them when they’re up wind of the andouillette. Several miles upwind.
  5. Clos de Vougeot are currently doing a tour with ( unusually) set lunch & optional tasting. Has to be pre-booked.
    Edit. Had a vague feeling they shut one day/week. Took some Googling, but it’s Mondays. i’ve not been but what about Imaginarium in NSG?
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  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I got in trouble for letting my wife eat andouillette unwittingly when we were in France last year, so we'll be avoiding that I think!
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