Milk Thistle

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  1. In light of recent comments by HRH which I came across, and my subsequent knee-jerk purchase of aforementioned herbal extract for the princely sum of £11...

    Has anyone had any experience of it? Does it work in reducing one's hangover after a night on the sauce?

    I, for one, can vouch that activated charcoal pills DO NOT.
  2. I have no idea if it works at all, but I do like a placebo. One instance of anecdata I've gathered using it and not using it on wine trips - especially weeks in Burgundy - suggests that it leaves me feeling less knackered. Nothing's stopping a hangover if you haven't hydrated (or titrated as the nurse at my recent old people's check up said) properly.
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  3. No idea if it works but I do take Milk Thistle regularly.

    A friend had non-alcohol fatty livers (he rarely consumes alcohol), Milk Thistle worked for him after taking it for 6 months, or maybe it was changed diet......
  4. There is very sound medical evidence for the efficacy of placebos even when they are known to be such by their consumer, which I suspect explains Colin's finding. On the other hand, if it works it works and in this case the feeling that it works is the same as it working.
    It does strike me that perhaps we shouldn't regularly willingly make ourselves vulnerable to the harm caused by alcohol rather than seek cures for it afterwards, but I haven't necessarily always heeded my own advice
  5. I agree wholeheartedly.

    Which is why I seek a cure for it beforehand.
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  6. (I do actually agree, it's just hard to avoid at lengthy social events with friends who are enthusiastic imbibers).
  7. Yeah those bloody enthusiastic imbibers, not like us careful sippers
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  8. £11 for a placebo seems quite steep when you can get a free, homeopathic placebo from the tap in your kitchen!
  9. I’m all for sipping - the downside I’d that I can sip for twelve or fourteen hours quite contentedly. ;)
  10. I'm not sure if it can be accessed but we did have quite a thrash about this on the old forum.
  11. If you want them for a better price I used Simply Supplements for a long time.
  12. There is no consistent evidences supporting milk thistle.
    Some pills with a bit more evidences support:
    1. Ibuprofen before drinking can reduce tissue inflammation caused by aldehyde. After it serves as a safer pain killer
    2. Vit B6 and coenzyme q10 reduce headache. (but vit B6 is much cheaper)
  13. Don't drink enough to get a hangover in the first place? Otherwise... accept it! :)
  14. There is a real air of defeatism around here.

    If there is one thing the future leader of the conservative party has taught us, it is that cake can be both eaten and retained at the same time.

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