Midweek Wines 13-16th July 2020

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  1. Don’t think so!

  2. The Pyramid remains one of our upmost dining experiences. From walking in seeing the guest book laid open sign
    By the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, decking apertivi, ordering Ch. Gillette instead drinking it in the garden with canapés and then taking it to the table. Patrick Henroux is a great chef and a gentleman. A most fabulous meal of which we can remember every detail. So many other 2-3 star experiences very forgettable.
  3. GG can only be released on or after 1 September.
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  4. Apologies for the spelling errors. Autocarrot is just painful.
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  5. Looks great, Ian-except the water glasses!
  6. Exactly my reaction. Though immediately brought memories of our (excellent) dinner there.
  7. An excellent, evocative article.
  8. Trocken ≠ GG.

    Vollenwieder don’t make GG (not in the VDP).

    But. Something seems to have changed as GGs are widely available ‘on subscription’ already from 2019.
  9. That explains how I’ve managed to obtain an allocation of Dönnhoff Hermanshöhle GG ‘19. :confused::cool: I was surprised to receive an offer.
  10. I should say “widely available in Germany”.
  11. When I visited Dönnhoff a couple of years ago it was explained GGs aren’t available until 1 Sept, but during August there is an open day by appointment & pre-orders taken. My 1/2 case of ‘19 is via UK merchant who had 4 cases. No money has been exchanged so fingers crossed.
  12. I also bought six 2019 Hermans GG via a UK merchant about three weeks ago, which apparently are confirmed... didn't realise there could be any doubt about it. Got some Spat and Kab too.
  13. Confirmed with an authority on the matter. :) Only physical sales and critics comments limited to 1 Sept.
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  14. I see Loeb having a clear out of 2011-2015 at original EP prices.

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