Midweek drinking 28th - 30th July

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    Following on from the utterly delicious Fourrier GC VV 17 last Sunday, I spotted the JM Fourrier Bourgogne 17 in the Farr sale so couldn’t resist (£250/12 IB).

    This is also very delicious and very similar to the GC, possibly a shade lighter. The same tasting note as the GC, red cherries, nice subtle line of acid, sweet and sour. So good I had to buy some more whilst it is on sale at Farr this week. Also bought a few more GC VV 17s too from TWS.
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    We took delivery of a rather large lobster and 1kg of langoustine this morning.

    We cooked the lobster in a cauldron, carved it up, spread it lavishly with local seaweed butter and drank an a point bottle of Jobard Tillets 2010 with it. A match made in heaven.

    For dinner we have the langoustine to be dipped in some fresh made mayonnaise with a hint of cayanne pepper and lime followed by a Milanese risotto. A bottle of 2004 Comte should go down very well.

    We’re picking up some local lamb and sirloin on the bone tomorrow from Orbost Farm after having some oysters at the oyster shed.

    What a food lovers paradise Skye is!
  3. Still working on 2019 arrivals...

    IMG_5015.jpeg IMG_5030.jpeg
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  4. Albert Boxler Pinot Blanc Reserve 2017 -

    A blend from four different vineyard sites with a proportion of auxxerois in the mix.

    Dry with such ripeness to the fruit that suggests a touch of residual. A real mix of citrus, mandarin, peach, melon, plus a streak of mineral. Initially rather lean but some pithyness adds to the texture. Superb balance and utterly delicious!

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  5. We opened a Burlotto Dolcetto d'Alba 2018 tonight to have with pizza. A decent match. This is a rustic wine with elevated acidity, a coarse texture, a touch of volatility on the nose and no finish at all. Not unenjoyable, but it took me back to wine drunk in Italy in the 80s and reminds me that I am not a fan of this particular variety. Have I been a bit harsh? Has anyone else tried it yet?
  6. Another neglected bottle found in the cellar - a Bulgarian Pinot Noir from Edoardo Miroglio labelled as PDO Nova Zamora. Medium deep red; a bit simple when first opened, with a bit of strawberry fruit but not great length; after a couple of hours though it really develops complexity, lovely nose, sous-bois, still a bit of fruit; on the palate there’s also some acidity, just a bit of soft tannins, quite a long finish. Probably the best Eastern European PN I’ve had (though I can’t claim to have extensive experience).
  7. Not tried the Burlotto but unfortunately that does rather describe my experience with the majority of Dolcetto...
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  8. Yes, I've gone through half a case and thoroughly enjoyed each bottle. But then I like Dolcetto in general. (Why do I feel like I'm back in the 1990s or early 2000s when people would stare at me in amazement because I said I liked Beaujolais? Muscadet never evoked that response, but that's probably because they had no idea what Muscadet was.)
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  9. Maybe something more robust to eat might help - it does sound just like most of the Dolcetto I've tried too.
  10. And me, I always enjoyed Freisa and Grignolino more than Dolcetto and Barbera, a preference that no longer seems as eccentric as it did.
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  11. We had Burlotto’s 2016 Dolcetto last night and came to pretty much the same view as Richard did of the 2018. I do like dolcetto, but wasn’t much enamoured of this one.
  12. You mean you’ll be giving up your allocation next year Richard?
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  13. I think you do have to accept Dolcetto for what it is and I can certainly see why many would not be enamoured with it. I tend to find myself reaching for Pelaverga or Freisa in preference, although there is certainly a place for it at my table. I picked up three of the Burlotto and will probably try towards the end of the year.

    If anyone wants to see the heights dolcetto can achieve, G Rinaldi 2016 Is profound although perhaps more about a sense of place than the grape. Also would recommend Eraldo Rivelli from Dogliani.

    That reminds me Tom, I picked up a Freisa and a Ruche, both G Rinaldi, earlier in the year which I think you would enjoy - I’ll keep them aside and hopefully we will have the opportunity for a lunch or dinner before too long.
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  14. I started the week well with a lovely dinner at Hawksmoor. Restaurant was in fine form and took along a TWS Rosé NV champagne (Alfred Gratien and ‘12 based), which was every bit as enjoyable as the one on Saturday, and an Ardanza 2008 which was lovely with the beef but perhaps lost a bit of it’s primary flush which I have enjoyed since release.
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  15. A success and a failure from the local Aldi - local to where we are here in France not the uk. Their own label champagne is awful. The guigal St Joseph 2015 that I picked up for 11euros on the other hand was drop dead gorgeous, full of rich spicy peppery fruit.
  16. Oliver - you'll have to be sent to the Simon Grant Rioja Re-education Camp ;). Repeat after me, 'enjoying rioja with primary fruit is not allowed.'
  17. One thing about the Burlotto Dolcetto that was strongly positive was the 12.5% alcohol by the way, which made it properly light and fresh. I'll try the Verduno Pelaverga over the next month or so.
  18. Richard

    With regard to dolcetto, if you're interested you should look up the dedicated dolcetto threads for recommendations of the top ones. I have no idea what Burlotto's is like but I don't remember it figuring in the roll call of the 'best buys'
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  19. Don’t worry, I’ll keep the rest to follow the Simon Grant rule of thumb “Ardanza is best after 21 years”

    I have enjoyed a few of the ‘08 and found the quality very good in what I believe is a not fantastic vintage, the first year they used Garnacha from their own vineyard in Rioja Baja (I struggle to call it Oriental) I believe.
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  20. A bottle of 2018 Brokenwood Thompson's Road Hunter Valley Semillon last night. Surely one of the best-value whites around at the moment, particularly during the Waitrose sale, when it's a mere £6.75 a bottle. Obviously not as refined and complex as the Tyrrell's and Mount Pleasant premium versions, but plenty of Hunter Semillon character and very easy to knock back at 11% abv.
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  21. We are in France at the beach house on the Cote d'Opale... beautiful weather.
    Some digging around in the local supermarket unearthed some lovely 2016 Labadie Bordeaux - 11 euro. Lovely, round, but not over-ripe. Also picked up some other Bdx Superieur quaffers - all under 8 euro and all wonderful in their own way.

    There is a new wine shop in Wimeraux that I have not visited before - that will be getting a good going-over. I fancy something off-piste....
  22. Does it ever happen that you find a bottle in the cellar and wonder whether it should have been consumed three or four years ago...so you open it on a Monday night? I did. It was Castello di Ama Chianti Classico 2005, the normale.

    After I took a sip to see whether it was OTH I did a little belated search. I did read a TN suggesting it would drink to 2017, but then I saw its current retail price and also the fact that in 2005 Marco put everything into the normale. No other cuvées were made (apparently).

    Anyway, this was glorious. In fact it almost brought tears to my eyes and that doesn't happen often. Brick red but not completely, it was unmistakably mature (but right on the crest) and fairly powerful Sangiovese which dominated the nose. The palate was still quite fruity and acids were there but not dominant. Such harmony.By a stroke of luck the food I'd cooked was an experimental dish. Some of you know my wife is vegan and it was a (dried, it must be said) wild mushroom and rice dish with the mushroom stock, a quarter of the bottle of wine, loads of garlic, padron peppers and leak, and non-dairy cream. I was pretty chuffed with it so at least the wine had a tasty accompaniment. It might have been better for an anniversary or birthday, but then again drinking something which turns out to be unexpectedly wonderful on a Monday night is in some ways what wine life is all about.
  23. I didn't like the Bernard Metras Fleurie 'La Roilette' 2016 a year ago but at lunch today it was brilliantly fragrant and vigorous, superbly digestible accompanied by Salamanca lentils with chorizo and morcilla.
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  24. Yes I've tried one of the three I purchased. I was underwhelmed too and have decided to give my other bottles a bit more time. I'm not a big drinker of Dolcetto but was expecting more from the Burlotto name. The last Dolcetto I drank was a Guido Porro that I bought from L&W and it was miles better than the Burlotto and only a little more money.
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  25. BF985C8C-B676-4406-BC4F-9A408EB869C0.jpeg Two lesser seen Julian Haarts today.

    • 2018 Julian Haart Riesling Kalkstein - Germany, Rheinhessen (29/07/2020)
      Some ripe fruit on the nose, a little richer than the dry Mosels? A lovely fresh stony midpalate with some underripe apricot. Rounded long finish. Excellent. 12.5%. AP 19.
    • 2019 Julian Haart Riesling WinePorn - Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer (29/07/2020)
      A slight nose, perhaps closed, some yellow plum, reflected on the palate too, subtle creamy texture but a firmer spike of acidity on the finish. This wine varies a little from year to year, this seems a drier version. 11.5% AP 05.

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