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  1. Hadn’t seen another post and I’m on holiday so starting early.

    Bussola - Amarone Vigneto Alto TB 2009
    Nose: spicy, almost Thai curry, juicy ripe plum and cherry
    Palate: Clove, spices, juicy plum, very very smooth and a long finish. Hides the 16.5% alcohol well!

  2. Me too, a few nice bottles tonight;


    Recent purchase from TWS and my first try.- little bit tight initially but opened up to stone Fruits and a bit of beeswax. Enjoyable but I’ll leave the other 2 bottles for a bit.


    Cork split in two so had to force the rest down and then decant but lovely juice once it was done. Classic Gevrey and pretty serious stuff for the level.


    My tenth bottle of 12 and all have been delicious. A case I’ve watched develop over the years with great joy. This was a big step up from the Maume and just delicious, so much peppery energy in there.
  3. Villa Bogdano 2018 Lison Classico DOCG certified organic native grape varietal Tocai Friulano from grapes planted in 1943 (introduced to me by Ultravino)

    Nose = granny smith apple, hint of lime, traces of glue.

    Palette = quite sharp acidity apparent as is freshness, reasonable amount of zing although quite a linear rather than complex wine at this stage.

    Finish = a little tart, quite sharp - it leaves me wanting to eat something.

    Overall = first conscious experience of Tocai Fuilano which was more interesting rather than enjoyable. I think the wine may be a good match for spicy foods. Also will be interesting to age a few bottles and see what happens.
  4. Bold, dark, and some bite!

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  5. A few grabbed at random from the nearest supermarket on arrival in San Sebastián.

  6. Unusually for a weekday we had to open some last night as a few people were round in the garden.
    Triennes 2018 Magnum - had a while now And I think a bit of bottle time has helped. Perhaps it’s just softened and filled out a little and makes a very pleasant offering. Went down very well.
    Followed up with what I think has become our first “house wine” Blees Ferber Halbtrocken Spatburgunder Rose (snappy). After the Triennes it did come across as a bit sweeter than the last bottle I tried and has more weight and a bit more punch but is great and the wife loves it so given the price I’m happy as well.
  7. This was our house wine when we went on hols to the Lot - wonderful BBQ accompaniment.
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  8. Nice any Cahors red with less than 15 years age fills me with fear from the few I tried while in the Lot Region.
  9. Tonight we are back to the reality of my own cooking following the Roganic-Michelin-starred-heaven of the last 2 days. I did Gochujang glazed pork with this very good GC Gewurz by Dopff au Moulin:

  10. Mike...source for the Blees rose?
  11. Fish day today. Went to the local (to our holiday house) fishmonger, David Lowrie in St Monans. Superb spread, incl live lobsters for £10 each. We’re going to a lobster place for lunch tomorrow so I went for some local squid and some superb halibut instead.


    Did salt & pepper squid with a lemon & garlic mayo (added lemon juice and puréed garlic to Hellman’s but I’m on holiday...). Here’s the remnants...


    Served this with Ganevat cuvee florine 2014 (chardonnay) which was superb.


    Bruised apples, a tingle of pepper, grassy herbs and teeth-chattering acidity. The tension between sweet, pulpy fruit and mouth-coating, sour acidity is both mind-altering and butt-clenching. Quite a ride.

    Cooked the halibut in butter and lemon, then served with a caper and lemon sauce, with jerseys and greens. Great piece of fish.


    Served this Guffens - Heynen Macon pierreclos cuvee which was just superb. This is a proper white burgundy. Fat and lean at the same time. Superb.


    Now need a long walk on the beach with the dog to work it all off before bed!

  12. I'm in the Valais at the moment and enjoying the local wine - interesting to discover that Fendant is Chasselas, Paien is Savagnin and Dole is a specific category of blend that must be majority Pinot, have some Gamay and no more than 15% of other grapes. All fresh and food-friendly, and surprisingly reasonably priced (unlike the food....).
    • 2017 Cave Caloz Dôle Valais - Switzerland, Valais (7/22/2020)
      70% Pinot Noir, 25% Gamay and 5% Gamaret (a Gamay cross). The Gamay flavour was pretty prominent, but welcomingly so. Lots of fruit and a fragrant, dark floral edge on the nose. Soft, ripe tannins, lots more dark fruit and just enough acidity on the palate make this so easy to drink, but relatively sophisticated with it. (90 pts.)
    • 2018 Cave Ardévaz (Michel Boven) Païen - Switzerland, Valais (7/21/2020)
      Lots of energy here, and no trace of any oxidative note. Floral nose, plenty of dry extract, loads of citrusy zing and zip, but nicely balanced. (90 pts.)
    • 2018 Cave St. Pierre Fendant - Switzerland, Valais (7/21/2020)
      Pretty neutral tasting, but in a pleasant way. Some white flowers, honey (although the wine is totally dry), refreshing bitter finish. Decent bottle to arrive to in our holiday chalet. (88 pts.)
    Also very much enjoyed a "Cafe Vrony" at the end of lunch today - mug of coffee with whipped cream, pear schnapps and whisky. It gets stronger as you get towards the bottom...
  13. 75539EF7-68C4-45CA-9D5B-138AE1903880.jpeg Had a minor splurge on 2016 Côtes du Rhônes this week, 24 bottles of Ferrand VV and 12 magnums of Charvin from Vinetrail and C&B respectively. Great attachments to both domaines as have visited them many times and often have lunch with Philippe and his wife. This is fabulous stuff- pure, soaked blueberry and damson nose, fully ripe but with quite strict but fully covered tannins, hints of fresh thyme and mint and that fantastic 2016 freshness. First two bottles disappeared in short order with burgers in the garden tonight. I’d love to see this develop over 10 years plus. 90% Grenache from the late 1930’s so definitely VV!
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  14. What a fantastic label.
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  15. Waaaaaaaaaaaay off piste today. Made a wonderful cocktail from Ayuuk, honey water, cold tea water and olive brine. Stunning.

    recipe created by some cocktail guru..... ayuuk is a spirit made from smoked Mexican chillis. The result was a smokey but elegant love child of martini and ermmm.... well not really sure. It was like nothing I’ve ever tasted.
  16. I don’t even like cocktails (well a Martini once a decade maybe) but I’m in awe. That sounds so extraordinary, extra- curricular, ex-machina and so likely to make me an ex-person that I think I’d be up to try one. Even if only virtually....
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  17. ‘89 Penfolds Grange Hermitage

    PnP. ABV 13.5%.
    One sniff and you know this was going to be a good wine. Exotic spices and flowers soaring from the glass. Tannins mostly resolved, sweet and smooth on the palate with just a touch warmth at backend. Good depth and complexity. Just enough acidity to balance out the fading fruits. Cedars and spices lingering at finish, very nice. Reached plateau and no hurry to consume but wouldn’t expect much upside from here. This might be the first bottle of fine wine I ever bought, picked this up from duty free shop at Perth airport years ago for A$99!

  18. Whereabouts are you Nick? My aunt lives up in Crans (well, technically Randogne). We're planning to drive over and stay with her in August.
  19. Tondonia 2007. Bought because it was the lowest alcohol red (And the oldest) in the ‘fancy wine’ part of the supermarket.

    It’s plummy and vegetal. Quite nice.
  20. 90DBBFC1-FFFA-4E0F-AE37-8EA3E51F6C12.jpeg

    2007 Pombal do Vesuvio. This is lovely, vibrant nose, crunchy red fruit, savoury on the finish with a nice freshness, the declared 14% abv hardly noticeable. Certainly a candidate for my budget red of the year.
  21. Thanks for reminding me - I should get a bottle of this out soon!
  22. There’s only so long you can go on ignoring the hype so I finally splashed the cash and bought the TWS Fino. Have to agree it’s one of the great wine bargains,

    Big fan of the Pombal above too - I have its big brother - the Quinta do Vesuvio (2011), which I’ve never tried - awaiting a suitable excuse for broaching.
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  23. Test driving the Viña Ardanza 2010 this evening, obviously youthful with more tannin than I remember from other vintages, it takes an hour or so to get going, but it’s pretty impressive, the aromatics show lots of mixed spice, and maybe a touch of heat showing although It’s 13.5%, the palate has a good depth of flavour, plummy, warm spice and cracking acidity which makes a deliciously long and moreish finish. Definitely a very good Ardanza, hopefully it will last and develop further, but splendid at the dinner table now
  24. Good to know. I just bought a case of this earlier this evening from TWS.
  25. Another interesting Valais wine tonight - again they've started with Pinot but instead of blending with Gamay (+ local varieties) to make a lunchtime wine they've blended with Syrah (+ local varieties) to create something steakhouse dinner-appropriate.
    • 2017 Rouvinez Le Tourmentin Assemblage de Cepages Nobles - Switzerland, Valais (7/23/2020)
      Pinot Noir 50%, Humagne Rouge 20%, Cornalin 20%, Syrah 10%, and aged for 12 months in a mixture of new and reused oak (with a noticeable char). Nice match for our steak and lamb, with plenty of juiciness from the Pinot and a wilder, darker influence from the other grapes and the oak - graphite, blue fruit, violets and a touch of burnt meat. Very approachable already, with nicely integrated tannins, and likely even better once the oak has settled down a bit. (91 pts.)
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