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  1. So....... 2 weeks to go until the new guide is released - any predictions / hopes etc??

    The main thing a lot of the trade press are talking about is exactly what star rating (for stars, plural, seem a certainty) will Core by Clare Smyth be given - many are speculating it could be the first ever restaurant to open with 3*.

    There seem to be rumours that Michelin are looking to gradually increase the number of 3* to bring us more into line with other countries. I personally cannot see more than 1 or possibly 2 new 3* added, so maybe 1 or 2 from Core, Sat Bains, L'Enclume and The Ledbury.

    Petrus cannot be far off returning to 2*, and I would tip Celeste at The Lanesborough as an outside chance for promotion. Castle Terrace in Edinburgh deserves its 1* back.

    More locally to me, I think there's a good chance it's refurb will see The Man Behind The Curtain awarded a 2nd star, and Home in Leeds definitely deserves to go in at 1*. Every man and his dog loves Tommy Banks, so again maybe 2* for them (they have certainly re-positioned and re-priced themselves at 2* level), though I did not rate it as highly as many others seem to (based on 2 visits I think it is a good 1* but no more than that). Skosh in York should be considered, but I'm not sure it is consistent enough for a star. Also some people are suggesting Horto at Rudding Park could be in the mix, but I haven't been so can't comment.

    In terms of losses, I am slightly reluctant to get into predicting this, but the staffing changes at Eipic in Belfast mean it could be vulnerable. Sticking with Belfast, Sapphyre will be in the reckoning for 1* I think.

    Any thoughts from anyone else??
  2. Based on my two visits to Core, I would suggest it merits 2 stars. I would be amazed if it got 3.

    But like T20 cricket, 100 point wines ,Michelin star Inflation is inevitable. Yet in all my travels over Europe
    I encounter so many restaurants that deserve higher creditation, and disbelief at other rankings. It is only a “guide”after all.

    I still think Andy Hayler the most objective and preferred critic.
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  3. Don’t believe this will happen, for plenty of reasons. But mainly because - despite being very good indeed - it does not excel.
  4. I hope the Hare at Scawton gets a star, certainly deserving in my opinion. 6/10 in GFG and consistently good over several meals. Open to BYO as well.
  5. Tom Cannavan

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    Glasgow's Cail Bruich deserves 1 I think, and already has 3 AA rosettes. The Newport in Fife too, unequivocally.
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  6. Casa Mia merits a 2nd *.
  7. It wouldn't surprise me to see Ynyshir near Machynlleth win a (deserved) second star.
  8. I hear Bibendum could be 3*. I think La Trompette solidly deserving of 2* as well. As we all know it consistently performs above and beyond most 1*s.
  9. Yes Bibendum was the other I wondered about for possible 3*, though I think possibly L'Enclume is the most likely to go from 2 to 3*
  10. Is a 3* in the UK meant to be at the same level as a 3* in France?

    (Of course not all 3* are equal...)
  11. That they're better than Pirelli?
  12. I think it is in the broad sense of them being "worth a special journey", though I guess that would also be relative to the general standard of dining in that country or area, as it is less worthwhile to make a special journey if the general standard is higher, and more worthwhile if the standard is lower.
  13. ... Nope... 3 stars in UK is like 1 star in France... they need to encourage the Barbarians;)... :rolleyes:
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  15. Hedone really should get 2 (or 3 for food). I don't know why Waterside Inn is still 3.

    I was amazed that Michelin actually got it right last year and made Araki 3.
  16. Me neither!
  17. I really hope it (LaT) doesn't. it's absolutely deserving, but I don't want it to become suddenly unbookable!
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  18. No-one has mentioned Manchester yet...
  19. I could see Michael Caines possibly getting a second star back, post Gidleigh.
  20. I sometimes get the feeling that AH is having an off day. Also, whilst the general idea is very true he can overplay the difference in quality of veg from france, strawberries like they used to be, size of a turbot a bit too much etc. I'm considerably less a fan than I used to be.
  21. Napoleon said that truly to understand a man one has to know what the world was like when he was 20. A rather enlightening observation, I think.
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  22. Based upon my visit to The Ledbury on Sunday I would lose all faith in the system if Brett wasn’t awarded 3*. Irreproachable quality and service. Imagination, soul and technical perfection. Every dish brought a smile to my face.

    Based upon my couple of visits I’d put Bibendum somewhere near the bottom of a 2* rating. La Trompette top 1* and Waterside Inn solid 2*.
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  23. My Pilot SuperSports will continue to give excellent service but will probably be due for replacement by the end of 2019.
  24. Manchester will not get a star. Michelin get too much free publicity out of the whining that it doesn't have one. I suppose there's an outside chance Pep Guardiola's Tast might get a star, on the basis that Michelin is lazy and the nominal chef, Paco Perez, already has four of five stars for his restaurants in Spain.

    Moor Hall to 2* maybe? For me, it's so much more pleasant an experience than L'Enclume, and, of course, Mark Birchall had 2 stars at L'Enclume.
    On the basis of a couple of visits, I'd say the Art School, Liverpool deserves one.
    I suspect the Moorcock at Norland near Sowerby Bridge will get something, although not (I hope, as it does not deserve it) a star.

    Beyond those possibilities, I can't see much change anywhere else in the NW, not least as there have been few new openings outside Manchester.

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