Merkelbach Riesling.

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  1. Hello,

    Thanks to the help of the forum i have started to build on my Mosel collection. I often come across new producers and can easily find reviews etc.

    I have stumbled across some 2016 Urziger W, Spatlese and cannot find a review.

    Are people familiar with the producer? Any other views would be welcome.

    Thank you

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  2. The person to ask is Jasper, who used to import Merkelbach’s wines to the UK. The Merkelbachs in those days were two very old brothers. I had many a bottle and they were generally brilliant at the (very low) price. I have no idea whether the operation is still the same but if I were you I’d probably take a punt. I think the only bottles I have left are 2001 auslesen, post Jasper’s involvement.
  3. The Merkelbachs these days are even older brothers! I am happily drinking 2005s and 2007s (Kabinett and Spatlese). Never quite a top address but delightful people, delicious wines and exceptionally inexpensive in those days. I dont think much has changed.

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