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  1. A couple of Beaune's from the weekend both finished off earlier this evening - I was trying to come up with something along the lines of older/newer 'bones' but gave up on that !


    Both much enjoyed in their own very different (obviously !) ways. The Le Grappin 2012 is perhaps my best ever (as in enjoyed) Le G wine to date. Seriously good. Initially served maybe too cold reminded me hugely of Chablis, and a top Chablis at that. Really, really supa tasty good. Salut & chapeau Andrew & Emma.

    The Epenottes is an interesting one. Ballot-Millot I guess best known for their whites (Meursault ?) but this red is a great drink - unfortunately (for now) my last bottle. I was amazed to see a wine of this age on a merchant's 'everyday' list a year only or two ago at a very good price & couldn't resist a 6 pack - think they may have come from the cellar of the merchant's proprietor/boss. One bottle corked (merchant reimbursed without issue - quickly) but others all good. Very deeply coloured, stinky, vegetal, secondary aromas/flavours - tangy '96 acidity evident, persistent, long. Very tasty. Need a few more me thinks. Open question, thinking aloud, why are Beaune wines so seemingly under rated, under the radar, good value - as maybe NSG wines are for the CdN ?

    Couple of other wines before the above at back end of last week:-
    Domaine Cornu-Camus 2018 H-CDN Blanc - as previously this 'humble' wine is, without doubt, my personal white wine of the YTD, no question. Just brilliant & amazing qpr. My last bottle of 6 bought direct last Sept drunk way too quickly/easily. When I'm next in Burgundy I'm going to re-visit this lovely family before I do anything else !

    Domaine Pierre Damoy 2009 Bourgogne Rouge - my favourite BR of current times. No shrinking violet this one but impressive nonetheless. Very akin to a Gevrey, naturally, bats above its 'humble' status pour moi. I like Pierre, he's a good guy, and under rated & unfairly criticised in some quarters for me.
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  2. 34E16D21-4FCE-4AD1-A0CB-B85348E4323C.jpeg

    Classic St Julien from a rare perfect bottle. Graphite, cedar and tobacco and so smooth and so unassuming in that old school way. Delicious, mature claret that was a privilege to drink.
  3. Belatedly posting this pic of a pair drunk at the weekend. the Jamek Grüner Veltliner Achleiten Smaragd 2015 was in a beautiful place, having shed its puppy fat to reveal a wine in its vigorous early maturity, with exuberant fruit (pineapple, white peaches) and a creamy spice. h.p. göbel alte reben 2010, from Stammersdorf on the left bank of the Danube as it runs through Vienna, is Zweigelt from old vines and weighs in at 12.5% ABV. It has lovely pure fruit reminiscent of red and black berries combining nicely with delicate violets and lavender. It makes me think of Northern Rhône Syrah in a clean, fruit-driven style, without any hint of smoky bacon or liver.


    Also over the weekend a pair of recently purchased German Riesling: Kühling-Gillot Nackenheim Riesling 2016 was mineral and floral, with an attractive streak of lime. Wittmann Westhofener Riesling trocken 2017 was pure and vibrant, with vivid flavors of lime and grapefruit. Both lovely, in contrasting ways.
  4. Bit of a weekend here trying to find a Rosé that my wife and son really like.
    A quartet of Pinks; PYCM was delicious and refreshing, a Hattingly Valley "Still" 2019 was initially a bit closed but opened up to show nice fruit, a Bird In Hand Aussie rosé was full of strawberry fruit and very nice, Whilst a Trevibban Mill Rock Rose was all briar fruit and also delicious (had a couple of years bottle age).
    A Cornish Pet Nat from Trevibban Mill was all citrus and sherbert and enjoyed by the rest of the family (a bit too citrusy for me).
    Main event was a 2000 Ch Potensac. Not a major Bordeaux Chateau but was a classic claret at its peak. Just lovely with some roast beef.
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  5. Interesting tasting last night. I haven't had much Napa wine, and this was a good opportunity to try what Jane Lopes says is one of the "third growths" of Napa Cab (and still £200/bottle IB, or $299 in California!). Very glad to have tasted the range, and the presentation had lots of information as well as stunning photography, but don't see myself buying any of these costly 15.5% wines to add to my cellar. The Syrah was probably WOTN, managing to avoid being as ultra-oaked as some of the Aussie renditions and yet still being full of flavour.

    • 2017 Shafer Chardonnay Red Shoulder Ranch - USA, California, Napa / Sonoma, Carneros
      Grown nearer SF Bay than the red grapes, so cooler climate. 75% French oak, 25% steel (but barrels rather than vats, to maximise lees contact and create creaminess without malo). Mint on the nose. No malolactic fermentation, to preserve the fruit - lots of nice appley flavour, and some herbaceousness. Hints of flowers and tropical fruit coming through towards the finish as it warms in the glass. (90 pts.)
    • 2013 Shafer Relentless - USA, California, Napa Valley
      97% Syrah, 3% Petit Sirah. So deep. Gorgeous lifted, floral nose. Pretty firm briary tannins, but enough fruit to cope. Lovely interplay between oak and spicy fruit. Lots of stuff happening on the finish - liquorice, lavender. Really nice mouthfeel, smooth and fat, but cool in flavour. Although this feels ready, am sure there's upside from here. (93 pts.)
    • 2016 Shafer Cabernet Sauvignon One Point Five - USA, California, Napa Valley, Stags Leap District
      Borderline vineyard. 100% Cab. Opaque purple. Still quite grippy - a bigger, richer wine than the 2015. Menthol on the nose. Cocoa and cassis. Really delicious. Lots of length - savoury finish. (92 pts.)
    • 2015 Shafer Cabernet Sauvignon One Point Five - USA, California, Napa Valley, Stags Leap District
      90% Cab, 7% Merlot, 3% Malbec. 100% new oak. Menthol and tobacco on the nose. So juicy! Nice rounded tannins. Deep and dark blackberry fruit with attractive, bitter cocoa edges to balance the finish. (92 pts.)
    • 2015 Shafer TD-9 - USA, California, Napa Valley
      From the Schoolbus vineyard. 56% Merlot, 28% Cabernet, 16% Malbec. Sweeter (which I don't love), gamier and spicier than the One Point Five - more of a food wine? Gorgeous fruit coming through on the finish (which is unfortunately shorter than tonight's other wines'). (91 pts.)
    • 2015 Shafer Cabernet Sauvignon Hillside Select - USA, California, Napa Valley, Stags Leap District
      The current release of this wine. 100% Cab from the vineyards around the winery - a wine of place. Really dark, inky purple, concentrated and juicy. A wall of black fruit. Silky with lovely oak. Tannins are quite drying initially but enjoyable with c. 1 hour in glass. Immense length. You can really feel the alcohol (turns out it's 15.5%!!) but the flavours are so cool and well-controlled that it doesn't feel like a jammy or hot wine. Made me hanker for some beef even though I'd already had dinner! (93 pts.)
  6. Nope, just part of a mixed box of stuff I bought ages ago - I too am a 78. IIRC Maj didn't have any Campo - think the only really 'mainstream' one in that bunch was Faustino. by and large I've found 78 riojas to be excellent Monte Real is a good one but the one that sticks out is a Villa Monty from montecillo GR 78, it was glorious and Ive never been able to find another one.
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  7. There was quite a bit of MR GR about. In terms of the (outstanding) vintage, it was decent but no better, IMO.
  8. Ahhh yes you're right - it was Berberana, not Campo Viejo. And Faustino was the one I couldn't think of.
  9. Sylvain Pataille Bourgogne Rouge 2015

    My last of 6 and almost certainly the best, maybe seen them off too quickly! Last couple of bottles have been a bit stewed and unfocused but this was much better. Definitely ripe but still with some crisp red fruit, fundamentally refreshing.
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  10. Potel's Vosne-Romanee Vieilles Vignes 2006 tonight - a good wine, but no better than that. A decent and evolved nose, fully secondary flavours on the palate with plenty of spicy elements alongside the quite ferrous and earthy fruit. I would not have called this as a Vosne blind - it's much more like a Savigny or Beaune 1er cru. The second glass, with a fair bit of sediment, was muddled and bitter - a result of the sediment I think.
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  11. That doesn't sound great, Richard. Some 06s with the Potel label are post-Potel Cottin Freres bottles but IIRC such bottles were released well after the vintage would normally be expected to arrive.
  12. It wasn't Tom. Certainly not in the premier league of village Vosne-Romanees. I've had better Vosne VVs from this address including the 2005 and 2011 (the latter as Roche de Bellene).
  13. Not at all the weekend but this. Last of a case. Didn't need the time but didn't suffer from it. Have been working on it via Coravin for the last few weeks, just pulled the cork (my current policy - take the cork out after halfway, seems to sort of make sense...). Another one of the bright, high acid, fruit forward, reds I seem to be drinking at the moment. Raspberry fruit, with something herbal, almost cinnamon.. Indigenous Corsican varieties I can't spell but maybe a sort of hypothetical cross between Chianti and Beaujolais. Good with the steak and chips, too.

    IMG_1848.jpg IMG_1849.jpg
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  14. Excellent looking steak and chips. Another graduate of the Ecole Culinaire Simon Grant, it would appear.
  15. First of all an Australian chardonnay that's somehow managed to lurk unnoticed for rather too long; Tyrrells Vat 47 Chardonnay 1999. Deepish golden colour, which doesn't bode too well; definite oxidative notes (can't really call it premox at 21 years...); not undrinkable but has lost a lot of freshness so will be relegating the rest of the bottle to cooking wine.
    Then - Cockburns 1983 vintage Port; beautiful garnet colour, with a hint of amber at the rim, just a touch spirity on the nose and palate, but attractive fruit, moderate sweetness and good length of finish. Will see how it develops with a day in the decanter...
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  16. Thank you! First onglet for ages. Really a wonderful cut. Inherited most of my cooking from my mother, but chips are patrilineal.
  17. Was this screwcap or cork Antoine?
  18. On the strength of your post, Jim, I ordered a six-pack of this, which is due to arrive tomorrow. All I can say is that I hope it's as good as the Josmeyer "H" Pinot Auxerrois 2011 that we drank this evening, with fish pie made to Raymond Blanc's recipe. :)
    • 2015 Morgen Long Chardonnay Sandi - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley (01/06/2020)
      Palest straw. A touch floral, very fresh with pear and a hint of honeysuckle. Fresh, good grip and length.every bottle every so slightly different, but all good. **** (91 pts.)
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  19. Entirely the wrong thread, apologies!

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