May Day weekend drinking

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Simon Reilly, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Roast beef from the butchery this afternoon and going to try some stuffed roast onions with sage and cheese based on a recipe I saw on TWS this week to go with it.

    Thinking about opening my sole bottle 2009 Pauillac de Latour to go with it
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  2. D29800E0-9E80-418F-AEA8-6A9EFDC1DBBA.jpeg 2014 Ente Aligote - fantastic if you like the style, hard to believe it’s Aligote, bottle disappeared quickly along side lobster mac and cheese. ****
  3. Do you have much experience of the Puize wine, Colin?

    I really like them, not least because the breadth of the well priced Terroir selection is available to me here.
  4. Just opened this, the first of 6 I recently bought from Majestic. I've not had this wine in at least 5 or 6 years.


    Quite shy on the nose initially (too cold methinks) but is opening up into sweet vanilla (think Mr Whippy ice cream) and baked apple after 5-10 mins. Quite a weighty mouthfeel and surprisingly mineral with cleansing lemon acidity on the finish. A bit on the young side but still a lovely Cali Chard.

    It is intended to accompany a roast chicken dinner which is currently in the oven and about 2 hours away from being ready. I strongly suspect a second bottle of something may be required as this is looking likely to disappear quickly.
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  5. Yesterday whilst participating in the Wink Lorch French Alps webinar.


    At £15.50 from TWS last year a veritable bargain.
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  6. I do tend to have Friday and Saturday wines (exciting and new and often non classical regions) and I have my Sunday dinner wines (invariably Bordeaux and burgundy) and I’m sure that’s just me and part of my character.
    Today is a Sunday so tried a style I’ve never had from memory (after a Chablis mind expansion last night)
    I only have two bottles of Pouilly Fuissé one a 2017 and this one that I added as a case filler to one of my continental purchases.

    2011 Jean-Jacques Vincent Pouilly-Fuissé Château de Fuissé Vieilles Vignes

    It was surprising to me the depth and roundness it presented. Almost like a Bongran Vire Clesse or even a Rhône White.
    Touch soft or flabby on entry but that may be harsh. Really good acidity on finish still, great mouthfeel and texture of butter and some cream. Quite rich with some lemon and softer yellow fruits.
    Enjoyed by Mrs H as well so maybe not like a Rhône White as she doesn’t like that style.

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  7. Lionel,
    You can't really go wrong with Red Label.
    The L number on the neck foil will tell you shipped year from first two digits.
    Take off 4 and you will have base year.
    Latest releases all DIAM so need to be popped a bit in advance of pouring.
    Think Sainsbury's are best priced £23 at the moment.
    If you get a chance to comment on the 06 Comtes, many on here have an interest.
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  8. Yes I thought it was good but utterly not my style and not one I’d enjoy drinking on a Friday evening. With the right food it may go very well.
  9. That’s one heck of 3rd wine, I am down to the last 3 bottles from an EP case.
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  10. Slurping down a lovely 2018 Pinto Noir from Vignoble Guillame from the France-Comté. I love this producer - such great value for such a well made set of wines. A mainstay of my cellar. Fresh and perfurmed.... holds up well on day 2.

    For those looking for a Burg-like experience at the lower end of the hierarchy without the eye watering price tag then I highly recommend this producer.
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  11. Tale of two Cornas this weekend. To start on Friday/Saturday Lionnet Terre Brûlée 2016 - dark fruits, obviously very young but surprisingly drinking well. Sunday with roast lamb the Tardieu Laurent Vieilles Vignes 1998. Lovely earthy nose and that gorgeous taste you get with mature Syrah, but which I find hard to describe having only experienced it the odd time. Touch of tannins still so I guess it would last longer - shame I only bought one bottle.
  12. 13 base then - thank you! Will do re Comtes!
  13. Julian Haart and Ganevat with a broad bean curry and whole roasted spiced cauliflower.

    Haart on the button, not grand but exactly what I want. The Ganevat was lightly sparkling, pink, a little fruity with a bone dry finish. Not normal.
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  14. #secondbottle...


    Bloody marvellous, unashamedly ripe, fat, bold...
  15. I've only had a Piuze wine once, Alex - it was a village level wine from some lieu-dit I'd not previously heard of and I really liked it too.
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  16. I bought a few of the VV 1998 recently and the one I’ve had was wonderful and barely a hint of the oak sheen of its youth. Lovely stuff!
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  17. Villa Wolf Pinot Gris 2018.

    Lovely simple drop. As it warms up perfumed notes and lychee depth of flavour and slight oily mouth feel.

    Produttori del Barbaresco Riserva Paje 2008

    Floral, strawberry, earthy tannins firm and fine and resolving nicely. Medium acidity.

    Looking forward to this with the duck breast.
  18. I've just snagged some 2014 Cornas Tardieu-Laurent. JLL gave it six stars so I felt compelled (you'd better be right Mr. L-L!). It's mostly old vine fruit from Dumien-Serrette/Patou apparently, with the balance from Chaboud/Eygats. 30% new oak in 2014 - it was 100% until 2003 with decreasing proportions ever since. At some point, if he responds at all to empirical data, he'll abandon the new oak entirely ;). Obviously a slow learner. This is the first Cornas from T-L that I've acquired in 35 years of Cornas buying since I can't bear the obvious imprint of new oak on Cornas fruit. I've still never bought a Colombo wine. Fingers crossed for an offline in about 2030.
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  19. Remind me to break out a 99VV next time we get together Richard. I love to see a grown man cry!
  20. I'm keeping that last bottle of 1995 Ogier C-R for you Mark - perhaps we can drink it on the same occasion. Looking forward to this period of isolation to end. Always happy to shed a few tears for a good wine.

    Edited to add that it would be interesting to put the T-L 99 VV up against a couple of old wood wines e.g. Dumien-Serrette and Allemand. I can provide the latter.
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  21. upload_2020-5-3_18-34-7.png

    Wonderful 2018 Kabinett Oberhauser Leistenberg from Donnhof for lunch!... I guess I become adventurous as I went out my Mosel comfort zone... Well rewarded ...
  22. I bought a few mags of 2014 T-L Cornas VV recently Richard, didn’t someone arrange a mini consortium? Neil H? Ben C? About 2035 for that Offline!
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  23. B6C9E301-1A75-480C-83E5-715C7403837C.jpeg 2ABA8245-C3E6-441D-8215-0DA0CC805919.jpeg
    To go with this little Mound of Murguez we’ve opened this little beauty up. The cork was dried out but the wine is fantastic. Pairs perfectly with the spiciness of the sausage. There is still so much cedar and tannin but plenty of lively rich secondary aromas of spice and still some dark fruit. It pairs so well that I’m having trouble keeping my hands off this combo! Not sure the sausage or wine will last until my wife gets back from the garden...
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  24. Pataille Grasses Tetes 2011 - this is fantastic. Has a dark reddy black hue. Highly perfumed with cherries and feu des bois, a touch of forest floor, earth and something more herbal too. Dark tangy fruits and a touch of licorice on the palate. Has a slightly bitter tannic edge but I find that and the herbal nature really adds a lovely extra dimension. Seems like it could age for a long while yet.
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  25. upload_2020-5-3_20-41-6.jpeg

    Really impressed with this. Decanted for about 2 hours and then drunk with roast beef and baked stuffed onions. Had a cheeky glass while cooking and still felt a bit young initially but once we started eating it was absolutely singing. So good. Olive brine on the nose initially and then dried flowers and cigar box. The palate is soft and giving initially but is backed by a wall of tannins which are quite dissolved now and really seem to be providing the perfect level of give and support. There is black currant fruit but also tart raspberry which gives it a lot of freshness. There is some spice and a bit of refreshing menthol on the long finish.

    Ooft, Christ knows what the grand vin is like!

    On the food front, a lovely bit of beef from the butchery. They only had topside for delivery but it was really good.


    However the highlight was this stuffed onion thing, a recipe that I picked up from either an email or an instagram feed from TWS last week. It was superb and highly recommended. A little bit faffy but well worth it and great with beef...


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