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  1. Laurent-Perrier vintage 2008 is 25% in Waitrose so I got one.
    Very easy going, probably one of the most easy going 2008 at the moment. How much depth I am not sure though. A pleasant lunch drink on its own right. Not a good pair with cheese or heavier things.
  2. We're opening out last bottle of Charles Heidsieck NV (2008 base) this evening to celebrate the start of our holiday. We are looking forward to many journeys this week, perhaps to the end of the garden, even the shed, and maybe a venture up into the loft! Though I might need to get my mountaineering gear out for that one!

    I've cooked up some leek, cauliflower and potato soup, which will be followed by some fresh pesto and homemade pasta topped with 36 month old parmesan and then we'll have some rhubarb soufflés! So life isn't all bad on holiday.
  3. 01DAB279-A5AD-4FB9-8E55-62356E84188D.jpeg

    Sottimano Pajoré 2007 with Ledbury-bound lamb (main fillet slightly overcooked but delicious; lightly-crumbed mini-fillet was the business.)

    A splash of the Barbaresco in the risotto.

  4. I enjoyed the bottle very much, I didn't feel that it needed to pull itself together but I don't think I've noticed a problem with previous bottles. If I had a complaint it would be that it started out very brightly with just a perfect hint of late summer fruits, but then plateaued and dropped off a bit by the end. Just slightly lacking the persistence and drive to make it a really top bottle.
  5. 3CD34C44-A8A2-4A72-94A2-0788AFFFBDF2.jpeg

    Unfortunately the Monbousquet had a horrible crumbly cork and was indeed corked.

    The St Martin however is very much alive and kicking with dark cherries, silky and I’m sure will be enjoyable this evening.
  6. 0FF240BE-84F3-40E4-91D8-C4E055C6BF09.jpeg Possibly the best Pinot Blanc I’ve tried. Boxler 2017 Reserve, a six pack generously given by our son’s girlfriend’s parents as she is staying with us during lockdown. Amazing nose of white peach and honeysuckle. Intense fruit continues with serious dry extract then a long, sensationally acidic finish. The most complex and wonderful aperitif with some smoked salmon and Keta blini.
  7. Friday evening Henri Jouan Gevrey-Chambertin Aux Echezeaux 2012. Quite vivid rose and cherry aroma and then elegant red fruit on the palate and a perfect match for lamb chops. At lunch today the last of a case of Paul Pillot Bourgogne Blanc 2017. Very enjoyable, just ordered some more.
  8. IMG_0260.JPG
    This is seriously good white burgundy - beautifully pure on the nose with just a faint whiff of classy oak, pure and mountain stream like on the palate, loads of freshness and the most deliciously lifted texture. Very much in the Le Grappin style. Amazingly detailed for a Beaune 1er cru. Sealed with a DIAM and it shows.
  9. I opened a ‘10 vintage just a few months ago, could embarrass quite a few 1er Crus.
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  10. Fun evening

    Followed by

    Followed by a wine I was persuaded to buy as it was the last one and “very good”. I do like helping the industry at this time.
    It’s quite punchy price wise and was very good though not sure I’d buy at the price. (Few more years it could be much better)


    My first 67 Pall Mall tasting and an excellent idea. Jasper ran us through some history of Chablis (of which I had little to zero knowledge of) and it was a great opportunity to taste a few different styles so I could hone in on if I liked any or not. Of course I did like a few and have purchased a couple of bottles.
    About 120 people bought the samples so it’s a well attended event.

    The steak was fantastic and for once I used a thermometer rather than guessing as wanted it rare. Bang on.

    Amuse Bouche 2014 - Mainly merlot and like Bordeaux I think I prefer it in Napa as well. Pomerol probably my favourite. Plenty of fruit but good structure and oak / tannin on finish. Few hours decant has helped. It is very good indeed though at price I may not be getting many more but great to try.
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  11. A Joseph Swann 2012 Zin' tonight - a lovely, relatively light Zin. A real pleasure to drink. A couple of glasses of Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese 06 at lunchtime with asparagus. First from a case and it's refined and elegant already. A happy marriage of delicate apple and petrol on the palate. Last night was a Julien Pilon 2016 Viognier which is fading but still delicious.
  12. Love Swan Zins! One of the single vineyard wines Nigel?
  13. GB Burlotto Barolo Acclivi 2011 this evening, a wine fatally undermined by the evident harshly obtrusive alcohol. A producer I really like and a wine I bought on faith as I’d been buying for years, but this one isn’t great, sadly.
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  14. Yeah but with nearly a thousand bottles of Jamet in the cellar.......
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  15. Normally I wouldn’t be drinking tonight as it would be game-day tomorrow & an early start for the long drive up north. But because a mad scientist atomises a bat in a leaking secret laboratory infecting the Wuhan pangolin market across the road which results in the Chinese government banning travel from the province to mainland China (yet allowing journeys to the rest of the world!!!), 5517 miles away the Dewsbury Rams v London Broncos rugby league extravaganza gets postponed because of the after-effects. I'm sure we'd have easily won it 98-0 and been promotion favourites.

    Instead, I’m drinking a 2015 Henschke ‘Louis’ Semillon which is superb although given that it’s only 12%vol I’m feeling rather pie-eyed. It’s a bit of a cross between a Hunter Valley semillion and a sharp Chablis style Chardonnay with fine that lemon/chalk/sea shell/acid characteristics - the opposite of the nice fat, oaky, alcoholic, buttery Louis semillon Henschke used to make. It’s funny how the 15% CdP’s don’t affect me the same way which I should be thankful for. It’s still good though and highly recommended if you can find it in the UK. Drink over the 5-10 years. £15.95 12%vol 90pts
  16. I recall a previous vintage (possibly 2013) being utterly delicious and indeed the best pinot blanc I've tried. Must track down some bottles. Thanks for the reminder!
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  17. I should very much think so. CSM until Parkers 100 pointer in 05 was very much under the radar. Always good fruit and with good clay soil, even in hot years gives great balance and concentration.
  18. Mancini! So understated!
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  19. Rene Bouvier Marsannay Les Longeraies 2013.

    Light to medium bodied, fresh acidity, no invasive oak. Red fruit, rasberries, cool fruit , nice balance. Maybe lacks a bit of vigour. But decent enough. Good length aswell.

    Louis Jadot Macon Villages 2018.

    Great little quaffer, bright fruit crisp acidity, touch of creamy depth on the finish.
  20. @SimonG we had a Felletig Chambolle-Musigny 2012 last weekend (actually my 4th of 6) and found it very much as you described (of course ), the last two will hide away a while longer.

    Tonight though, after a stressful day with kids, a Bedrock 2016 old vines zin with a decently strong chilli has helped set things right.
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  21. Read that as mankini. Odd idea of understatement, I thought, but I guess I sort of see it.

    Remaining Bachelet Aligote with some asparagus tonight, then Colombier Hermitage with beef short ribs. Coutet 03 with cheese stands ready, if we're foolish enough to still be awake.
  22. Dom. Joliet Fixin 1er cru Clos de la Perrière 2011

    Bit austere on opening but really quite lovely an hour later with a sausage and porcini pasta alla norcina. Spiced cherry and some earthiness but not too 'shroomy' as the better half would say. Quite sad it was my only bottle.
  23. 0807CAA3-CDAD-451D-8172-E9CFE3EEB122.jpeg

    2001 Bouchard, Aux Reignots this evening. Not what I was expecting, a light perfumed wine, great purity, quite primary red fruits, much more ethereal than previous bottles. This is very good in an understated kind of way. I suspect that the price of current vintages fat exceed the c. £25 that this cost.
  24. Well the sole bottle for sale in Paris would be a tad under ten times that.
  25. And since the vineyard has reverted to Comte Liger-Belair...:eek:

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