May Day weekend drinking

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  1. Been doing a bit of cellar sorting last few days and found the unopened box of these I’d half forgotten about. Possibly half on purpose. I don’t really drink CNDP these days.


    After looking at CellarTracker reviews, got into a bit of a panic that I’d left this too late and it would be a bit shit. No need to worry. This is lovely. The tannins have dissolved into the fruit which is still fresh and floral. I ain’t gonna lie, there’s some alcohol heat but it seems to work. It all seems to balance out.
    The nose is like a Turkish market, full of exotic cinnamon spice and dried rose petals. The alcohol prickles you’re nostril hair. The palate is like a group hug with a bunch of sweaty football fans after a last minute winner goes in. It’s fun but you’re ready for it to finish. The finish is full of violets and spice. Long.
  2. Had some ribs so really fancied a decadent and rich red and contemplated my one bottle of SQN I have here but that’s a bit rich for a Thursday so tried the only bottle of Barrett Merlot Spring vineyard. Hitting the spot and so so plush, rich and silky. Almost a feel of stewed blackcurrants but that fades and this soft mouth full rich merlot works well when required. Great acid and some tannin with a good finish. Seems to have poor CT and pro scores but worked well tonight.
    Then cracked open the first of the Eric Bordelet Ciders and must admit it’s a delicious clean pear cider and excited to try the others.
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  3. May Day already??
  4. Great TN!
  5. Been drinking Cascina Adelaide Barolo Parnanno 2007, posting on TWS forum.
    Little rose and tar on the nose, prune notes with dark cherry and a touch of VA on the finish with soft tannins. Modern but not overly so and no worse for it. Good and enjoyable.
    Proceeded by 2017 Garnacha Blanca, Bodegas Aroa, Navarra, Spain, which is a good and interesting wine, dry finish after floral and nutty notes. Quite surprised me.
  6. Tasting through a mixed dozen from Weingut Quint, the 2019 Kabi is really bright and full of energy, sponti, on the button style wise for me. The 2018 Kabi (both from Wintricher Grosse Herrgott) Seemed a little looser 84 Oechsle vs 83, but maybe just slightly closed.

    The Quintessenz is a lighter styled dry wine, at 12% with 6.7g/l residual sugar, sponti hints and very slightly leesy. Always fun to explore ‘next generation’ producers.

  7. Villa Wolf Pinot Blanc 2018.

    Bit like Txakoli; Lemon with a slight spritz. Pleasant enough . Not a food wine.
  8. Tonight the good v the bad/ugly !

    Good:- actually VGI, Maison Louis Jadot 2013 Chassagne-Montrachet 1er cru 'Morgeot - flat out delicious.

    Bad/ugly:- Domaine de la Garance VdP de L'Herault 2005 'Les Armieres. 2nd bottle of 12 bought for not a lot in a Cru sale years ago, already then with some age. First bottle in Jan this yr was really excellent. Tonight's ? Corked (badly) :mad:.

    Earlier this week:- 1) a Domaine Patrick Javillier 2006 Meursault 'Les Tillets which was lacking energy, acidity etc and pretty flabby/flat. Maybe a vintage thing but probably my most disappointing Javillier wine ever, or a poor bottle, as others from the same case (albeit going back 3/4 yrs) were pretty tasty ok. Three more bottles to go.
    2) Also corked (not a good week after a decent run of ok bottles) a Domaine C & F Medard (Riviere) 2011 Chinon VV :(

    As the song says, maybe, 'Things can only get better" !
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  9. Mayday, Mayday...seems about appropriate for the times we live in.

    Chateau Lanessan Haut-Medoc 2000 tonight. Benefited from a 2 hour decant. Initially a bit narrow and dry with pebbly, old-fashioned tannins, but it filled out nicely to become a decent, fully mature minor Bordeaux. A touch of green on the nose, pleasingly elegant on the palate. One to drink soon though, definitely the most advanced minor 2000 I've had so far.
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  10. There’s a bunch of bits n bobs lying around after tastings, the remains of a Vajra Dolcetto 18, Barbera ‘17 (at 15.5% !) and quite a decent Miroglio Soli Pinot Noir ‘17 which is probably one of the better made entry level pinots around, light, bright red fruits, tastes like Pinot at a very reasonable price
  11. Benoit Cantin, Irancy, Palotte 2017. Probably best described as one for the purists this is an angular, sharp and grippy wine with some sweet and sour fruit and an earthy mineral quality. I’ve opened it far too early and whilst I’m sure the others will be better given a few years I’m rather enjoying the challenging nature of this tonight.
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  12. Opened a 2011 St Bris from de Moor - interesting because the previous two bottles I'd had were both corked; attractive but overall not quite as interesting as I'd hoped.
    Then, a 1991 Quinta do Vesuvio vintage port; colour more a deep rose (clairet?) than red or tawny, with a huge amount of purple sediment in the bottle; a very sweet style; plum, raspberry fruit, quite a long finish, maybe a little simple compared to the Dow 1994 I've been drinking over the last few days but still attractive.
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  13. Another modest 2018 French red that exceeded expectations tonight. I think it was TWS who were recently bigging up this vintage across regional France and they might be onto something - supermarket wine doesn't normally taste this good.

    2018 Château Maris Minervois - France, Languedoc Roussillon, Languedoc, Minervois (4/30/2020)
    100% Syrah. Someone left this at my house and, as a bit of a snob, I expected nothing, but it was actually really tasty - good depth of flavour, nice balanced structure and use of oak, open and enjoyable despite its youth. Great value (turns out it's £11) and each sip demands another. (89 pts.)
  14. And their wines usually she well.
  15. 2006 Anaperenna from Glaetzer last night. Lovely maturing Barossa. Majority Shiraz with around 25% Cabernet. Fantastic acidity in this wine which stops it from feeling sweet or jammy. It is big, and packs a punch at 14.5% (expect it’s more than that) but feels very balanced. It’s like a warm hug of a wine. In a good place now and will hold for
    a good few years yet.
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  16. Tonight this pair:


    The Champagne is for the final installment of our Friday zoom grower Champagne tastings. We need a new theme from next week...

    The Riesling (which I noticed is a whopping - for a Mosel Spatlese - 11% alcohol) for afterwards with more Desi curries from our favourite local restaurant.
  17. Useful, thanks Robbie — I have some 2004 of this, as yet untouched, and some Amon Ra of the same vintage. Your note gives me some hope it might not be a complete bruiser.
  18. 7CB6315C-CCF3-484A-AE55-D35B48A8BBFA.jpeg First of a case of Boulay’s Sancerre rosé 2018. New label and name but same quality inside. Pretty colour and clean, pure nose.Good weight of ripe red fruits but cut with a definite saline minerality/acidity. Fine and persistent; can see these disappearing fast if the sun returns!
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  19. I still have both myself, been waiting a long time, a special occasion. I think the Anaperenna was called Godolphin in 2004 and they changed the name for some reason, but I might be wrong there.
  20. Richard, you probably know this but if that Molitor has a while capsule it will be ‘dry’.
  21. yes, a trademark dispute. Perhaps the Dubai royals didn't want the Aussie booze association with their thoroughbreds.
    Like you and Simon, I have an 04 Amon Ra that needs drinking. might crack it tonight. I expect it to have the grace and subtlety of Sylvester Stallone. but even Sly can entertain!
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  22. It was one of the first high alcohol Aussies. Inspired by Parker. The theory has always been that it might not age so well.
  23. Or maybe just any booze associations with their thoroughbreds?
  24. Hi Russell - these are off dry, traditional Spatlese style (green capsule), that's why I always find the alcohol level surprising. It's very good though - I bought a case a few years ago and am around half way through.
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  25. Yes, mine is Godolphin rather than Anaperenna, but like you I think they’re the same wine.

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