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    Those who read it will have enjoyed the in-depth post by forumite Steve Pritchard on his visit to Champagne Marc Hebrart, as did I. I thought it deserved not to disappear into the mists of time on the forum, so asked Steve if it could be tidied up and expanded a little, and turned into a fully fledged article on wine-pages. Luckily Steve agreed, and so we have his first fully published piece: The wines of Champagne Marc Hebrart | wine-pages

    Well done Steve.
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  2. Very enjoyable read. Just as I am thinking of who else (Gaston-Chiquet always a must for me) to drop into while passing through Champagne in June.
  3. Nice one Stevie P.
  4. Well spotted Tom and Well done Dr P
  5. "Tidied up and expanded" words to spread dread amongst the minions in the corporate world. :D
  6. Just brilliant!
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  7. Thanks all .. Tom gave me the kick I needed and am glad he did (stop hiding out on the forum). However, this has a more sinister side: unless you start sending me large cash lump sums I may yet do another one! :p
  8. Phew, when I saw the thread title I feared the worst for M Hebrart’s health!
  9. :D
  10. Just returned from having root canal procedure on a molar, I was in need of some cheering up.

    This did exactly that - well done Dr. P! And thanks to Tom for the excellent idea of making it a main website article.
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  11. Excellent piece. Many thanks both.
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  12. Just read the article, as ever Dr P's informed and detailed information providing a wealth of information and interest. Have loved the marc hebrart wines that I have had, especially the Rosé which was a delight.

    Thanks Steve & Tom for another insight into the complexities of Champagne

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  13. Brilliant article.
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  14. Excellent article. Well done indeed.
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  15. Not sure if this might become a Hebrart tasting thread now? Anyway just opened and rapidly consumed a bottle of the standard NV from a mixed grower case I see I bought from TWS and left in storage in late 2014. Not had recent versions but my sense is this has really benefited from the delay, very full and a touch of honey but plenty of zip in there somewhere. Feels like a billy bargain.
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  16. Nice one, thanks Tom and Steve!
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