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  1. In extremis a very decent sorbet can be made from the large tins of Alphonso pulp available at Indian grocers and even some supermarkets, Chris.
  2. Just back from the wonderful Costa Rica, where I had some of the best mangoes I've ever hadg (and it isn't even the season yet!) My favourite was a kind of pointy one with predominantly red colouring, in case anyomne should know the variety.

    g IMG_20190321_083304.jpg
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  3. Are any of those tins not sweetened?
  4. No. Sorbets anyway need plenty of sugar!
  5. Had some beautiful, Indian, Kesar mangoes last week but first Alphonsos this week. £14/6 which I thought was reasonable but the greengrocer thought extortionate.
  6. £8 for six in Shepherd's Bush.
  7. I paid £15 for 12 "king size" ones in Kingsbury, epicentre of Indian mango distribution last Tuesday. Regular size ones were £12 for 12.
  8. He was right!
  9. Glad that Fortnum and Mason got its Mango sorbet back (at its 1st floor). Last year they introduced five new flavours of vegan ice creams made from coconut milk, besides the pure coconut one all didn't look appetising at all, I was given a spoon to try and found it as bad as it looks.
    Anyway, they didn't sell well, rightfully so. I don't understand why they even introduced those things to occupy the spaces originally for popular sorbets and ice creams. F&M is not Organic Planet, they wouldn't have enough vegan customers to support those.
  10. Has anyone ever come across the thai style of mango - crunchy, tart and sweet - in the UK?

    Ma Mueng Suk

    It's wine in a mango and the most popular in Thailand - there is a green really sour one too best eaten with some red indescribable stuff - and I'm totally addicted to it compared to the ambrosia sweet style.
  11. [WP Alert]Calling all cars! Calling all cars! Be on the lookout for suspicious looking type who appears to have gone native, possibly carrying a trumpet, a strange mango and some red indescribable stuff. Be careful when approaching as he may be deranged by a lack of Yorkshire rhubarb. Out. [\WP Alert]
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  12. I hope you'll come across of some from Philippines, they got few varieties there as well. I recommend one from Guimaras island.
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  13. Finally found the mango I like in London: outside of Goodge street station, some mango labelled 'extra sweet, by air, mangos gold'. Many of them are a bit over-ripen but the intense sweetness is like we have back home. £1 each.
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