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  1. Interesting re wine too Po-yu,you could be on to something there as my wine tastes have probably moved to a higher acid tolerance/love too,so I prefer a Chardonnay from the Jura to Macon for intance.
  2. Pink Lady is emphatically not British! I agree that it lacks acidity, along with the other Antipodes-originating Jazz and the insipid Gala.

    Cox is by far and away the best widely available commercial variety. But one has to accept that it's a seasonal fruit even if the means by which shelf-life is extended are remarkably effective.
  3. Yeah it seems to be Australian. I said that because Ambrosia apple I bought was grown in Italy, while all the other (Jazz, pink lady, cox...) are from UK.
    Pink lady is the choice for me to go if there's no Ambrosia or Fuji so I get it's low acidity for others. I can't really appreciate cox.
  4. Without going to far on racial differences (althought I think they exist), there's probably a difference between palate picked up from childhood (mum's cooking etc) and palate from physical nature. Also everyone has slightly different palate on 'different kinds of acidity', it might sound weird but I can really feel it.
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  5. Any sightings of Indian/Pakistani mangoes this year yet?
    At the weekend, I went down Cheetham Hill Road in Manchester (where they are usually in abundance at this time of year), and the only ones they had were some Dominican mangoes. I didn't recognise the variety, but they look remarkably similar to small Kesars: very yellow skin and fragrant enough to fill the car with their aroma.
    I bought a box as they do smell good and I'd gone a bit out of my way, but I've not tried one yet.
  6. They have not yet arrived at my local stores but I too saw those Dominican kesars, I didn't buy them.
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  7. Loads of Alfonsos in Southall at the weekend but they still taste a bit vegetal. Personally I prefer other varieties as Alfonsos are too sweet for me at the height of the season
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  8. Mango madness in the local supermarket for the last week, I think I counted 25 types. From £1-£7 a kg.
  9. The locals were buying them, so I took that as a recommendation.
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  10. Po-Yu, does that sensitivity to acidity affect China's interest in German riesling?
  11. First one for lunch today from a box given to me last week by a pal- stunning and everything I remember from this time last year.
  12. Had a wonderful box two weeks ago from our weekly market. I have stopped buying there as they're all rabid Sun-reading Brexiters, but I couldn't resist them. And... they were amazing, probably the best I've ever had.

    The ones I've had in recent years from the Asian shops just haven't been nearly sweet enough for me, for all their perfume.
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  13. Jim - do you know where yours came from?
  14. Andrew, we'll be visiting Rochdale for a few days in July. The town is not famous for its fine dining, but I get the impression you rather like Nutters. Now that Ramsons of Ramsbottom is no more, we may have to eat at Nutters more than once. Is my impression correct?
  15. Nutters is good. A bit like going back to the 1990s, but the kitchen can cook well, and there's a lengthy wine list that repays careful reading. Last year they converted a local pub, The Bird in the Hand at Birtle, which I think (I've not been) is probably a bit more modern and more relaxed.

    In Ramsbottom, sister bar/restaurants Baratxuri and Levanter offer some of the finest Basque pintxos and Spanish tapas respectively in supremely relaxed settings (particualrly Baraxturi). Good, interesting wines and beers, at prices that make you wonder if they've forgotten to put a markup on, though the txuleton steaks are, I understand, also less than half the price of London, and carabineros prawns come in at £15 for three, whereas I've seen them on London menus for £15 each.

    Hearth of the Ram, also in Ramsbottom, always looks good, though I've not been, as I can't get past my favourite Baratxuri.

    You're within easy reach of Manchester, of course, from Rochdale, and if you've got your own transport, it would only be a short drive over to the Ribble Valley, where my favourites are The Freemasons at Wiswell, Parkers Arms at Newton-in-Bowland, and La Locanda (terrific Italian wine list with fixed price markups) at Gisburn.
  16. Chris, sorry no I don't.
  17. Thanks Andrew, the wine list at Nutters is interesting! Baratxuri sounds really good and we'll certainly go there. We are very familiar with the Freemasons and Parkers Arms but La Locanda is new to us, thanks for the tips.
  18. Bugger. I must visit wine-pages more often ...

    I hope there are some left in Kingsbury after the London Wine Fair.

    I was not far on Saturday and didn't think of Alfos

    Kingsbury Fruit & Veg  
    477-481 Kingsbury Rd, London NW9 9EA
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  19. Alphonsos in great nick here at the weekend, £6.50 for a box of 6 may not be the best price in the world but on the other hand it is from a shop directly on the way to/from work, so very convenient.

    I made Mango Sorbet for the first time, which is spectacularly good IMO and to my taste preferable to kulfi/ice cream. Recipe is from Chez Panisse, and I feel the need to share...

    Peel & pit 3 pounds of very ripe indian mangoes and scrape as much pulp as you can off the pits, putting all the flesh into a food processor. Puree, be generous with the time to give a smooth finish. This should give about 3.5 cups of pulp. Make a sugar syrup by dissolving 3/4 cup of sugar in 1/2 cup water. When the syrup is cool add it to the mango puree. Now it just needs some lime juice to add a little cut. Do this to taste - I used juice of one small lime, but the original recipe suggests more. Now chill all thoroughly before freezing in your ice cream machine.

    It's a fabulous lurid orange colour, looks really artificial(!), super-smooth and really lovely. Needs a good 30 minutes out of the freezer to be ready to serve.
  20. Mango does indeed make a fabulous sorbet-sometimes I think it's even better than the unadorned fruit.. Recently I've taken to including some liquid glucose which gives the essential texture without being too sweet so to your recipe which is quite low in sugar I'd add two heaped tablespoons or so.
    The old fashioned addition of beaten egg whites is also surprisingly effective as I was recently reminded.
  21. First box of 2019:
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  22. "Champagne" is the variety of choice around here, and have just become available. They are a bit smaller than the Alphonse we get in the UK, but more like those that we ate in India. About 3.50GBP for 6 at the moment.
  23. Chaps I can thoroughly recommend making your own Mango Lassi too (yoghurt based drink)
  24. So is there currently somewhere I can reliably buy good mangoes in London? Aren't we a bit early?

    Menu planning for Saturday and this thread has made me very keen to do a mango sorbet......

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