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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Andrew Stevenson, May 8, 2016.

  1. Indian mangoes are here.


    And a rather good alphonso mango tart on Friday at Lancashire's very own 1990s restaurant, Nutters near Rochdale.
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  2. Time to visit the Soho Road methinks
  3. I'm not sure when the local supermarket runs its mango festival this year. Usually early June. Last year I counted something like 35 different ones on sale.
  4. A great breakfast:

    The box says variously Alphonso and Badami mangoes. Incredibly fragrant.
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  5. Onto our second box of Alphonsos this week. A very reasonable £17/dozen box in our local ethnic(y) grocers in East Dulwich. Fragrant is the word,plus stunning acidity/sweetness balance.
  6. Anybody know which type of mango (known as "juice mangoes"?) it is that you can squeeze (a lot) and then drink the juice from the hole where the pip is?

    I seem to recall someone telling me that they were "champagne" or "manila" ?
  7. I thought £7 for a box of 6 was overpriced in Shepherd's Market. But maybe it wasn't so bad.

    I'll have to bite the bullet.
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  8. Well when I was growing up i India they were known as "sucking mangoes" IIRC. ;-)
  9. Whenever I'm behind someone in a newsagent's shelling out £10+ for 20 fags I can't believe how cheap good food and wine is relatively. Just don't ask about my occasional Cohiba!
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  10. I'm amazed that anyone would pay that for cigarettes, though interestingly it is quite a bit less than the nineteenth century equivalent, when gentlemen had their cigarettes blended to their personal taste by their tobacconist.
  11. That's astonishing, Tom.
    They have not arrived to the end of my street yet but I am waiting eagerly.
  12. My current box was £8.99 for 8 from one of the greengrocer's on Cheetham Hill, Manchester.
  13. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    Just delicious, sweet, perfumed and full-flavoured mango in a salad last night here on Cyprus. No idea of the variety, but I'd consider shopping for them here Andrew - bound to be cheaper than in Rochdale.
  14. And certainly newly gentrified East Dulwich.
  15. The mango festival has started in the local supermarket here. Only a dozen types on sale so far. Should hit 30 in a couple of weeks. Prices from £1-£3 a kilo.
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  16. £7 for a box of six Indian mangoes here today - the most amazing fragrance from them - puts me in mind of the spiciness of Gewürztraminer and the heady perfume of earl grey tea. Quite unique.
  17. I picked up a couple of boxes of 12 yesterday from importers Kingsbury Fruit & Veg in Kingsbury on the Jubilee Line.

    Address: 477-481 Kingsbury Rd, London NW9 9EA
    Phone: 020 8905 0295

    Alphoonso: £10 for 12

    Kesar: £11 for 12

    I'm surprised that Kesar are priced higher than Alphonsos.
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  18. I think we need tasting notes on all the varieties.
  19. So my first of the season have been consumed. The variety unnamed but source was India. They were relatively small and not quite up to full fragrance levels yet. The stones (pips? hearts? kernels?) were also small so there was quite a lot of firm and juicy flesh. I thought there was quite high acidity and some citrus qualities, perhaps later in the season this will be replaced by more sweetness?
    A box of 13 was £9.99, that's my breakfast sorted for this week. And maybe next weekend will see the Pakistani mangoes arrive? I do hope so, if memory serves me well I prefer chansa to these, enjoyable as they were.
  20. I have to promote the beautiful mango from Taiwan:

    It's called 'Irwin' breed, looking beautiful at the same time having subtle flavour, fine texture, low acidity but refreshing sweetness.


    A must have for tourists in summer time: Mango milk shave ice
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  21. Alphonse are a pound a pop at Wallingford market, I picked up our first in years on Friday. Messy and delicious.

    Honey mangoes to come soon, and prices to come down apparently...
  22. All the good stuff at once... just a pity that we have months without any interesting fruit, and then the mangoes come along at the same time as all the wonderful Mediterranean fruit! I've been loving the first nectarines, apricots and nísperos, and haven't even got round to thinking about mangoes yet...
  23. Po-yu,your mangoes look delicious but for me the high acidity in the Alphonsos are part of their charm. A sort of Cox Orange Pippin v Golden Delicious comparison maybe?
  24. Most eastern Asian seemly has a more sensitive/ less tolerating palate on acidity? I keep buying Ambrosia apple (from Italy) rather than most of British apple like pink lady. Pink lady has probably higher sugar level but also has higher acidity.
    The same issue mostly applies to wine tasting, too! My palate gets fatique easily from high acidity wine.

    But still, definitely try the Irwin breed mango and 'milky pineapple' if you ever travel to Taiwan. Maybe you will also love the 'finesse' of them.
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  25. Wow... you';re probably right, as to my palate Pink Lady is really lacking in acidity (as well as not being a British apple :) )
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