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  1. Wonder what's happened to the racing M4 and the Porsche Cayenne "wine delivery vehicle".
  2. Rudeness came a little later with me...
  3. If Somerset Maugham had been alive today he would have been the author of this sad story.
  4. This is why I like this forum.

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  5. I assume that others also received the two emails from Maison Ilan yesterday?
  6. No?
  7. Me neither
  8. I assume they are about shipping and the general state of the business. Both those have been posted on Facebook.
  9. Yes (received). Content per Sean. Seemed bullish/positive - somewhat at odds with earlier post content here.
  10. Sad story for everyone involved. I only encountered charm.

    Makes me think of that Lemonheads song:
  11. Not quite sure, but I think you muddled the order of some of the letters, and missed a 't' out.
  12. I don't know if I am allowed to copy the contents on the Forum? Perhaps Tom can give a bit of guidance here but if Sean says the same said content has been posted on Facebook then perhaps it's already readily available?
  13. They were Simon. They have both now been deleted.

    What tangled webs we weave....
  14. Slippery as a bag full of eels...
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  15. In short, has Ray legged it?
  16. Well he's not in France Alex. His FB page has him in NY State gathering material for a food and wine production called Insatiable. All quite bizarre really. Could you walk away from barrels of wine for any period of time and not have to worry about them? In WB it was reported that even the Hotel that is storing the barrels in an old Abbey are bemused as to where he is.
  17. If I had to think of a song that sums it up it would be this


    He had posted some Facebook posts about the situation and the shipping plans for his (bottled) wines, which he has now deleted.
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  18. It said in Nuits that the people of Maison Ilan or their legal representatives have contacted suppliers, warning them not speak to the journalist inquiring about Mr. Walker's woes - apparently with discrete but obvious legal threats...

    I assume that such actions mean that those representatives no-longer want the grape business from those suppliers, hence, 2015 would effectively be the last grapes 'bought' by Maison Ilan...
  19. Received another email recently regarding harvest, wine for sale etc.? Something is still going on there apparently?
  20. Strangely I received that one too - Ray has quietly dropped off everything though with a M.Ilan team doing all the talking.

    Prices remain ambitious too.

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