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  1. I am told, by someone I know and trust, but who does not want to be named, that the douane have seized all of Maison Ilan's 2014 and 2015 wines to recompense unpaid growers.

    If you have ordered any of this you may not be too late to protect it. I gather Ray has fled the country.
  2. I am surprised anyone has bought wines recently given the bad press...
  3. I received an email today stating that all wines up to the 13 and 14 vintages would be shipped this autumn and that they were adding staff to improve the customer service experience.
  4. I suppose you should get the 2013... Charles Taylor only mentions 2014/5.
  5. Dan, do I take it you have bought these vintages?
  6. I received the same email as Dan and have not bought anything from Maison Ilan.
  7. A sad and awful tale. I hope not all the rumours are true.
  8. I also received the email Dan mentions above and reading in between the lines it was more delays and issues at MI.

    In all seriousness I hope there are no forumites with wine outstanding now (I got lucky by visiting the domaine twice and collecting by hand then stopped buying)

    On a lighter note, these wines maybe become a whole new kind of rare collectors item.
  9. Looks pretty abondoned to me, lots of mail, labels, a hasty retreat

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  10. Hard to tell. Ray is/was one of the most disorganised winemakers I ever met. That could easily be "business as usual".
  11. I wonder if the word is out on the Wine B forum, I don't think I can bring myself to look.
  12. Just looked.

    Yes; referenced from this House.
  13. Surely anyone still buying from Ray Walker is certifiable :). I can't imagine that anyone on this forum would have done so - or would they?
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  14. I couldn't resist a morbid peek at WB - seems like there is a brother in on the act and making wine too.

    You couldn't make it up - from a fairytale to a nightmare.
  15. I'm glad you have the stomach for WB... all #pointlesshashtags and obscure street humour. Like turning the TV on during an episode of Happy Days.
  16. I stopped buying after the 12s.
  17. I don't have the stomach for it at all.

    I couldn't resist a peek today but it will turn ugly quickly enough I would think.
  18. Phew! All is right with the world....
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  19. If the douanes are involved I doubt it is simply about unpaid growers. They are generally more interested in payment of duty and whether the wines were labelled true to their source of grapes.
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  20. Sounds eminently logical to me.

  21. Todd French reported on the 19th in Wine Beserkers, that the reason for the officials getting involved isn't unpaid growers but " that all assets of the corporation are locked pending a divorce".

    I can confirm that I had a telephone conversation with Ray January/February this year that he told me then that the marriage had broken down and he had not seen the children for months. Though I would be somewhat bemused that the Courts would seize assets in such a civil matter, especially when the asset concerned had already got another owner and that could clearly be proved.
  22. I don't think that's at all an accurate reflection.

    There is still a small minority of shit-stirrers, but on the whole that forum has put a lot of the antagonism of it's birth behind it.
  23. I stopped with the 10s and then apologised to everyone that he'd been on my site a lot, 'promoting'
  24. How very sad for all concerned :(
  25. Tom Cannavan

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    I feel sorry for him - but more for customers and creditors if things don't work out - but I have to say I was not tempted to buy anything from him, largely because I was uneasy that all he registered on this forum for was to publicise and sell his wines it appeared to me, and after his second year of what was clearly a commercial sales pitch I had a quiet word by PM, which he answered very rudely. On a personal level I wanted nothing to do with his wines because of his attitude, which with hindsight might have been a godsend...

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