M&S 20% off Whisky deals

Discussion in 'The Spirits Forum' started by keith willcock, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Two decent deals running currently at M&S presumably for Burns:

    Glenfarclas 10 down to £28 from £35
    Kilchomen Machir bay down to £32 from £40

    Both distilleries rarely engage in the usual Christmas/NY and Fathers Day UK supermarket discounts to my knowledge
  2. Very nice pricing, especially on the Glenfarclas. I know little about the Machir Bay but at the price it would be an easy study.

  3. The Kilchoman range gets rave reviews but the Machir Bay seems a bit too heavily peated for its age for me. It may be a style thing as my experience is with older peated whiskies and this is their entry level. Not tried the vintage and higher ends of the range

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