Lot No. 40 Canadian Whisky - 2012 Edition

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  1. I'm not one to buy Canadian Whisky as I find them rather sweet and somewhat dull and flabby, at least the ones I've tried. One could say that I haven't had the better Canadian whiskys but I much prefer an inexpensive Scotch, even a blend, to an inexpensive Canadian whisky.

    Earlier this year I was asked to take a Canadian rye whisky to Dhaka, Bangladesh for the local Whisky Club and of the two whiskys they asked for one of them was the Lot 40 and since it was the cheaper of the two that is what I took (don't tell them that). I was in Dhaka for two of their whisky tastings earlier this summer but the Lot 40 didn't fit in either of their themes so I never got to taste it. When I returned home I read a review of a new Canadian whisky in one of our national newspapers and in the article was a reference to two other whiskys that the author claimed was "easily among the two best Canadian whiskies made in my lifetime" - the Lot No. 40 and Wiser’s Legacy. This piqued my interest in the Lot 40 even more and I made a mental note to taste it.

    So when I came across the Lot 40 at a special price I decided the time had come. The one I bought was the 20012 edition/release. I don't think the batch before or since has a release year on the label so my bottle is a little older than the current one in most retail stores.


    Lot No. 40 - 2012 Edition/Release, Canadian Whisky, 43% alc/vol.
    The colour is a dark amber as can be seen in the photo above. The nose is quite powerful, slightly disappointing in that it has some of the sweetness that I usually don't like in Canadian whisky, but it was immediately backed up by spicy dry notes that are indicative of rye. Big and complex, nougat, marzipan, cut hay, spicy notes of herbs and polished leather - very nice. The palate is big and bold. Again, the hint of sweetness, it envelopes the mouth and is followed by dry, spicy, herbal notes and considerable oak. It has a long, lingering finish. This is a satisfying whisky, one that I would drink straight as an after dinner drink. Skip the liqueur or the brandy and have this on a cool winter evening (cold if you're in Canada).


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