Loire reds: Where should I spend my money (even though I have enough wine)

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Paul J a i n e s, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. So, this weekend was drinkng a lovely Bourgueil and realised that slowly I'm buying more and more decent Loire reds. They are increasingly taking up more and more of my cellar as I recoil from the horror/reality of Burgundy prices....

    So I've noticed I'm spending less of 1er Cru and (of course) GC Burgundy and buying more modest producers in Burgundy (with just as much pleasure, I have to say) but I'm getting a huge amount of pleasure (and less masochism) from Loire reds...

    Question for the learned scholars of this forum....

    Which producers would you recommend seeking out? My knowledge is ok-ish on the region, but probably needs some fleshing-out. Doesn't have to be just UK available - I have a place in France so I can order domestically and ship to the cellar there....

    My current producers:
    - Pierre Breton Bougueil
    - Yannick Amirault
    - Chinon: Baudry / Couly Dutheil / Sourdais

    (and yes, as much as I love Clos Rougeard....but no!)

    So please - thoughts, recommendations....
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  2. Have you considered Charles Joguet (Chinon). One of the more expensive producers but lovely wines - if you can find them!
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  3. Domaine de Roches Neuves does some decent wines, terres chaudes for earlier drinking is one I like and Domaine de la Butte do a few good cab francs
    TWS can provide a some decent choices from people I’m not that familiar with when I’ve brought randomly although the bottom end wines have been hard to love
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  4. By ‘red Loire’ do you mean Cab Franc, Paul ?
  5. Or Sancerre.... yes I should have made that clear...any booze basically...
  6. Red Sancerre: Vincent Pinard. Do not pass Go, do not collect €200.
  7. +1 for both Roches Neuves and Jacky Blot's Domaine de la Butte. The latter are often deeply discounted by J&B in their sale. The 2016 is drinking very nicely now.
  8. Try Bellivière's Rouge-Gorge Pineau d'Aunis if you don't already know it. (Available from Vine Trail.)

    Guion's Bourgueil gives a lot of pleasure for a reasonable price (when the price is fair).
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  9. I had a very good 2011 Dominique Joseph - Le Petit Saint Vincent Saumur-Champigny Les Poyeux last month, I got this from vinetrail a while back, so not sure of current pricing as they don’t seem to have the prices on the website anymore, but it was easily worth the money about 25 I think. Also used to buy Domaine Filliatreau Saumur-Champigny Vieilles From yapp quite a bit which was very good for about 18, especially as you can get it in halves. I do like cab franc, so, hopefully the thread will throw up a few treasures.
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  10. Belliviere’s Rouge Gorge is a bit of a niche interest! I like it but there’s not much similarity between Pineau d’Aunis and Cab Franc.

    I must confess that I did pick up a couple of cases of Dom de la Butte In Justerini’s recent sale. I’ve also recently bought Filliatreau from Yapp. Alliet’s Chinon is another recent purchase. Baudry and Amirault are other favourites. Roches Neuves is good. Joguet has been a bit hit and miss for me.
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  11. There's a good thread on Wine Berserkers going into a hypothetical classification of Loire reds. Not my thing really, so I can't comment on whether the recommendations are any good, but an interesting read.
  12. I buy from these producers:

    Roches Neuves
    Yannick Amirault
    Domaine de la Butte
    Benoit Courault
    Francois Cotat (Rose)
  13. Any thoughts on Guibertau's reds? I buy the white Saumur most years, but never 100% been struck by the reds, although maybe I drink them too young.
  14. As no one else has given them a shout out: Château de Villeneuve for very good Saumur-Champigny, with value across the range.
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  15. I would like to add Chateau de Hureau. My favourite there is Lisagathe. A lovely cab franc with some age on it
  16. Ah yes, we had a 2003 Lisagathe a couple of weeks ago and it was excellent. Maybe the hot vintage suited the red grapes in the Loire valley, with it being so far North.
  17. Considerable patience is needed, even more so if purchased on release. A recent '05 had still yet to peak. It was very good indeed.
  18. Domaine du Bel-Air (Clos Nouveau)
    Lenoir / Roche Neuve

    Older stuff: domaine de la star (if you can find any), Picrate/Eric Calcutt
  19. Thomas, where can one buy Lenoir? Rapidly becoming the Verset of Chinon, it seems.
  20. 009A0FCD-A1B9-4E0D-8987-B699C6555F64.jpeg
    Couple of these Saumur-Champigny’s lined up for tonight. Bottom of the range stuff from Vinetrail at about £12 plus VAT but hopefully lovely summer drinking, if the current Hoolie abates in time!
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  21. I've never seen them in NZ but have read a couple of good things about La Porte St Jean (Sylvain Dittière). His wife Pauline is the daughter of Charly Foucault from Clos Rougeard. Back in March at a Cabernet Franc tasting had one from Arnaud Lambert which I would very happily buy again and had a cheapie: Angelique Leon Chinon which while lighter bodied had delightful flavours. The latter was NZ$30 so likely to be dirt cheap in the UK?
  22. I’ve just bout some Alliet to try - red and white. According to a Loire loving friend it’s the same level of Rougeard.
  23. Where did you get Alliet in UK?
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  24. Yes, that is a good table wine, but the poyeux is quite a big step up. I should really get a case to follow over a decade or so
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  25. wow just looked up the prices of Rougeard!! If this in on the same level I’ll have to get some. Found it listed abroad for £15 for basic Chinon and £20 for VV. that is a huge price gap.

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