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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Russ Sainty, May 2, 2020.

  1. We’ve been doing a far bit of extra baking. I thought a separate thread from the lockdown loaves would stop us upset the sourdough purists and keep the forum management in order.
    Any-who, yesterday I did this:-
    Sticky cinnamon buns
    Sweet dough, lots of sugar and honey. Yummy
    Hazel nuts from Ciabot Berton to give a wine connection.
  2. How does one acquire such nuts, Russ?
  3. Thom
    We got a giant bag from the winery at Ciabot Berton, La Morra, in September. They grow them in the valley where vines can’t thrive.
    Piedmont the home if hazelnuts and Nutella
  4. Yes indeed. I have never understood why they would adulterate this noble ingredient with palm oil and milk powder!
  5. That’s why your daughter is not going to inherit a vast food conglomerate fortune Tom.
  6. Latest in a run of Lockdown cakes
    This is a quick light fruit cake recipe from a Neff cookbook that came with an oven about 30 yrs ago.
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  7. I have the neff book but have never opened it. I understand my oven can defrost and cook a frozen chicken on one programme etc . But have only really turned the oven on and off.
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  8. 445F03DF-8B26-449E-83F9-193CC6D30487.jpeg A Dan Lepard Butterscotch Banana Cake in front of today’s Sourdough.
    Big fight for the batter bowl for this one!
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  9. Both look sensational Jim. Especially the bread! A BC slash I see...
  10. Don't think so Mark, just one eccentric ( in the mathematical sense!) one, at an angle, with a razor blade. The previous one was a noughts and crosses job which didn't quite come off.
  11. This morning's efforts...

    Pork and leek sausage rolls:


    Red Leicester and spring onion quiche, goat's cheese and caramelised onion quiche, apple and cinnamon tarte fines:

  12. I wonder whether it is regionality that decides between a bottom or side seal on a sausage roll? I've always kept the seam underneath but have never really questioned the practice.
    A sausage roll and a pint or two of real cider is a most enticing thought but alas both require forethought, particularly the cider.
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  13. Very nice baking Mr Ward. Picnic in the park this afternoon to acclimatise to being surrounded by the throng?
  14. 86D2F187-B057-4092-9931-F9A6F45A91D8.jpeg

    Prawn and tomato quiche
  15. Almost picnic with a bottle of slightly chilled Duboeuf Brouilly
  16. Had some fresh yeast left over, so thought I might have a crack at some crumpets.

    Ok for a first attempt.


    Getting them and the wire rack to stick to the wall was trickier.
  17. C'mon Mark we know you're after the Turner prize ;).
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  18. My eldest daughter is a demon baker and makes a range of incredibly unhealthy cakes, cupcakes, brownies, blondies, cookies etc etc etc. No wonder my diet’s gone to crap.
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  19. Dan,
    With three of us kind to bake, there's an informal rota for the kitchen, one each day or else we'd all explode.
  20. we’re now restricting her to one bake a week...
  21. I'm not a great one for making desserts but I did manage to make this strawberry tart with creme patisserie from scratch. Tasted fine.

    IMG_5789 copy.jpg
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  22. Second attempt at allegedly “Yorkshire Teacakes“
    I added a little mixed spice so they perhaps would not pass muster int Batley.

  23. One of thems a baked spud! :)
  24. I usually gouge out the eyes!
    Often do the same to spuds:)
  25. Finally there is a thread for me to put all the lockdown photos in:
    IMG_20200503_110100_795.jpg IMG_20200503_110100_796.jpg IMG_20200503_110100_799.jpg IMG_20200425_165654_594.jpg IMG_20200425_165654_595.jpg IMG_20200425_165654_613.jpg IMG_20200517_231917_327.jpg IMG_20200621_235634_186.jpg

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