NWR Lockdown - Are MOT service stations classified as essential service?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Alan Michael Gay, Mar 23, 2020 at 9:50 PM.

  1. My car is booked in for an MOT tomorrow, the MOT expires at the end of the month, does anyone know if these will be affected by the lockdown? And what happens about expired MOTs if MOT stations are closed?


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  3. I’m in the same boat with an MOT due in the next two weeks. Currently no MOT means no insurance renewal. They will have to change that soon.
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  4. Isn't it also illegal to park a car on the public highway without an MOT?
  5. Since when do boats need MOTs?
  6. On an inland waterway they need a boat safety certificate !
  7. We were able to book a car MOT for Friday as we are close against expiry of current certificate.
  8. Extended by 6 months, according to the BBC website, but only if the due date is after 30 March. Not clear whether it's 6 month extension from due date or from 30 April...
  9. Managed to get my MOT and service completed successfully on Tuesday morning whilst sitting sheepishly for 5 hours in the car dealership. Fortunately I was the only customer all morning, so the only thing that got within 2 metres of me was the display model Citroen C3 closest to me :)
  10. Mike is right because my brother’s is due in April and he wanted me to see whether I agreed with his assessment that he doesn’t need to get it done. It does appear it extends to cars now, unless the BBC have its wrong.
  11. I was booked in at motor line VW to have my MoT and service in April and they have sent an email quoting the new govt advice and cancelling my appt and they will contact me to rebook in 6 months. Pretty much do nothing and assume you have an extra 6 months grace
  12. I think Gov has said six month extension BUT your car must be roadworthy to keep driving it during that time.

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