Lidl - 2013 Pape Clement £20 ?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by David Mansfield, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. not sure if it’s true ,can’t find any details on their website, but have seen it mentioned on Social media.
  2. Saw it in the bins in SE London but there was no price so didn’t grab any - did pick up Potensac though which is a Lidl first for me at 12.99 has to be cheaper than EP price??
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  3. Red or White?
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  4. Ideal accompaniment for the wild goose also in Lidl
  5. ‘Twas the red - £110 at a well known London online merchant, eeek maybe I should’ve gone back!!
  6. Potensac in my store. Bought two of the 2013 although reviews not great on CellarTracker
  7. None in my local store. Just visited out of curiosity: though we know what that did to the cat.
  8. Very poor vintage 2013 I think.
  9. Marquis De Terme 2013 going for £14.99 in Glasgow.
  10. I've been in 4 different West Yorkshire stores and there's nothing.
  11. Which store, Steve, if you don't mind me asking?
  12. If anyone stumbles on PC at £20 and is feeling benevolent, I will happily pay for as much as you can be bothered to ship to Leeds...
  13. None in Southampton.:(
  14. Same thing every time it's more hit and miss than TWS email notifications ;)
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  15. Welling, Abbey Wood and Woolwich Arsenal - the allocation looks to be about 5 per store for both the Potensac and PC. I went back to WA yesterday and all the PC were still there and picked up a few. There are still no prices and they're making no song and dance about it - so you might get lucky but there's always the power of the forum!!! I know 2013 isn't the queen of vintages, but for research purposes I cracked a Potenasc and it was exactly as you would expect from a weaker vintage, but perfectly lovely in my opinion showing a bit of winemaking class and restraint, not a bad house Claret at that price.
  16. I saw the same in an Edinburgh store. Pondered over it for a few minutes then checked a vintage chart online and declined. Better spending my money on their Marlborough Pinot Noir, which is less than half the price of the Marquis de Terme.
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  17. No Pape Clément in Lawrence Hill Bristol if anyone was thinking of making a trip... :(
  18. Neil, if staying away workwise, you’re not far from wilks. Worth a visit for dinner, one evening. Best value 1*, in UK? Wine list is Vine Trails led.
    Unfortunately, the truffle mash will be off menu, in all likelihood.
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  19. None in Wokingham either
  20. The Marlborough Pinot is a really nice wine for the price. I did buy a bottle of the Marquis though, fully aware of the reputation of the 2013 vintage. Maybe this is where the poor vintages of the lesser classed growths will end up. And at Aldi.
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  21. Richard after a delightful Saumur Champigny and a fiesty Cahors shared with a dear old wine colleague I was feeling particularly benevolent (yes there’s another word for it I know) - so I decided to stay on this train a few extra stops and as there’s five bottles left at Abbey Wood and providing I don’t get mugged on the way home they’re all yours - PM me your address!!
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  22. Steve,

    If Richard doesn't want all five I'd take a couple. And could collect at some point in the next couple of weeks or meet in London (am on SE London / Kent boarders myself)


  23. Like searching for pokemons!
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  24. I got the last four Pape Clement for only £12.99 each! I really expected nothing in Streatham. Lots of Potensac left but an easy pass as it’s basically still a case price.
  25. Wasn't sure how successful a request like that would be, but if anyone else is feeling benevolent too I would like a few bottles of P C or Marquis de Terme (I am guessing the Clos Marquis and Boyd have long gone) but not Potensac because that is the only one my store has had in.


    P.S also Chave 15, Pedrosa G.R or Burlotto case ha ha :)

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