Les 110 de Taillevent London

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  1. See above! Basically certain Burgundies around £300ish. Raveneau Clos 2010 was about 1/4 market price (which doesn't mean it's cheap!). Possibly Rayas too.

    I hear that in recent months the main Paris Taillevent restaurant (i.e., not 110 in Paris) now has a great chef (after being pretty poor) and the wine list has completely opened up too (previously quite stripped and not as exciting or as reasonably priced as you might think).
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  2. Would volunteer to join a lunch this week (except on WIMPS day...). Wednesday or Friday.

    ... hoops sorry WIMPS is on Friday... makes me available on Wednesday-Thursday...
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  3. Isn’t Friday wimps ?
  4. I have missed quite many events in weekdays lunch time... even wimps I have to arrange a half-day off :oops:

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