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  1. Finally got around to trying out this place and it has much to commend it. Over 100 wines by the glass and some stunning offerings within that. They are predominately by corovin but they accept no sediment and open up fresh bottles if any doubts are expressed about condition.

    I worked my way through a glass of Selosse Initial (with a free glass or VO offered alongside), followed by a Raveneau 1er Butteaux 2010 (superb), a Meo-Camuzet Clos Vougeot 2005 (decadent and heady perfume, very nice indeed) and a Tertre-Rotebeouf 2004 (a very fine wine given the vintage).

    I had some charcuterie and cheese as well, both of which offered a good selection. All in all a lovely new find to which I’ll certainy return.

    Just to add that the by the glass list had very good wines across all price points, quite a few of which were at or below retail.
  2. Their signature sweetbread and crayfish vol-au-vent with seafood sauce is divine, although so buttery and rich that I could barely finish, and couldn't manage pudding at all afterwards (unusual!). And the wines are just as fun to work through as you say. Great place.
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    Almost booked it on my WIMPS pre-Christmas sojurn, but definitely will on a future visit to the capital.
  4. We went as it opened in 2015 for lunch and enjoyed it as much as Gareth clearly did from his post above and for the same reasons.
    I see he plans to return and I cannot think, other than forgetfulness, why we haven't managed to since it ticks so many boxes. Not a dinner place for us but perfect for lunch with whatever top wines you might wish to choose; some of which are included above :).
  5. Looks really interesting. A little different.
  6. Sometimes I find the awareness / timing rather fortuitous.

    If anyone fancies trying the food there is a dinner on the 13th March.
    It will be with Diana Snowden (Seysees of dujac)

    I’ve quite enjoyed and been fascinated by the Snowden wines and the 14 Ranch is great value and moved from the older reserve styles which are lovely but a touch richer. I’ve not had the Petit Verdot yet though have some in bond.

    It’s an interesting story and Diana spends time at Snowden and Dujac

    Let me know and I’ll pass details on as it’s via a supplier.

    2017 Triennes Rosé


    Pumpkin Agnolotti, parmesan, trompettes, sage,


    2015 Snowden Sauvignon Blanc


    Cornish Halibut, roasted onion broth, colcotte,

    trompette, comet

    2012 Petit Verdot

    2013 Petit Verdot

    Barbary Duck, lavender, swiss chard persimmon,

    stilton tart, sauce gribiche

    2014 The Ranch

    2014 Brothers Cabernet



    2009 Snowden Reserve

    1999 Snowden Reserve
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  7. Sounds good but pricey!
  8. Yes was a little pricey but an excellent evening - except the food:
    I’m not a foodie expert but probably a fair judge .pumpkin maybe a little sweet on the purée
    Halibut was over cooked
    Duck a bit tough and other components felt at odds with the two bits of duck sauce was wushy washy
    Cheese was lovely - best bit

    Had to ask for extra butter - water had to ask for extra as long gaps

    Now onto the wines and the winemaker.
    Top marks all around
    Diana Snowden is a passionate, knowledgable caring joy to the world of wine .
    To drink and understand her wines is a joy
    Sauvignon Blanc (which I hate normally ) to petit Verdot 100% varietal to a blended variant and a Cab Sav single vineyard.

    Biodynamic and not traditionally Californian with her Burgundian roots = fascinating hybrids.
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  9. I think you are right on on the food, based on three recent experiences in the last 6 months. It is limited, can be slightly better a la carte than a large group as per the Stannary Snowden dinner you went to.
    But it's a fair place to enjoy the odd bottle of below market Raveneau or Tremblay if that's what you like or a couple of wines by the glass.
  10. Paul I agree. Options by the glass are fantastic and the main selling point in my view.
    Food was very much secondary to the wine.
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  11. Took Isabelle for Valentine's lunch today. Food was a success (risotto and perfectly prepared (not overcooked) cod) and wines by the glass a big draw.
  12. Can one just go to the place for a drink?
  13. Good to hear. Yes nice little place and wine by glass very good.
  14. Enjoyed a tasting menu with the premium wine selection; impressive wines-we started with a Beau White CnP and was able to switch in a Vin de Constance for a more basic Sauternes at the end. Also added in freebie Mas de Daumas for us as well. Pricey yes, but came way thinking it was a good experience. Food was uniformly good and well presented.
  15. Went there on Friday to have a drink (Bollinger LGA 2008 and Chateau Montrose 2000, all very good especially the Montrose, note in the weekend note thread). Just notice that they have a private dinning room, so was thinking it might be a potential offline venue. I got sommelier's card and contacted him. Food price is fine, corkage is fine, all reasonable. BUT, the minimum spend is quite high. You will need 17 people to order four courses and to open 19 bottles BYO to reach their weekday minimum spend. I guess people will need to order wine from their list, which is not usually suiting this forum's need. A shame.
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  16. The food is not that great to be honest. I’ve been twice now and it’s only ok.
  17. Mmm, then I probably don't need to try their food. (we only ordered wine last Friday)
  18. Po,
    The photo of the glasses did not look as if they were particularly fine either?
  19. They have zalto’s - or at least did when I was last there.
  20. They didn't give me zalto for our first run including Bolly, after that they used zalto universal for smaller pour of Montrose. We were given zalto after I made comment on bolly and asked the sommelier for his contact... I don't know if it's related or not.
    I guess zalto can expose shortcomings of wine, during second run my friend bought a bigger glass of some 2016 rioja, served in zalto bordeaux glass it smell alcoholic (wondering its alcohol %) and not very pleasant especially on the side of Montrose.
    To say a bit more about Bolly 08, at first 15 min it really doesn't really smell anything, I did wonder if the bottle or glass was faulty, but when I nearly finished the glass the last sip was quite decent I would say. The difference was huge.
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  21. Be good to meet up and explore what they have on now.
  22. I will email Christopher again see if we can do BYO without booking that private room.
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  23. Got his response. Yes it's possible to do BYO in their main space, £35 corkage per bottle, if we order one or two bottles from the list corkage can be waived, depends on bottle numbers. Tasting menu £60, four courses £50-£55. We didn't talk about service charge but I believe it would be 12.5% extra or so.
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  24. I had very good meal here recently, both food and wine. The current head somm is excellent, and others have said- they seem amenable to bringing some bottles, provided you don't take the piss. And ordering from the list no great chore as they bring a lot of stuff over themselves via Paris, meaning there are some bargains across all sorts of prices, and quite a lot that's not otherwise available in the UK.
  25. Which wine you (or others) would recommend for good value? Maybe we can have a 4~6 people meal with say a couple their wine and 3~4 BYO, I am sure they can do discount on corkage.
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