LDH Rioja mystery

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  1. I have just unearthed this


    So mi amigos, who can tell me how old it is? Clue - it’s definitely more than 5 years old!!!
  2. I don't know when they changed, but I do recall they used to label like this - showing age but not vintage, and very much in keeping with their belief that blending across vintages can make for better wines.
  3. A good question. As it happens I've stood up a Bosconia (GR) for tonight and the vintage is after the "Viña Bosconia" at the bottom where yours says "5 Anno", but in white. Your bottle looks like a newer (shiny) label than my more matt 1995.

    My back label says the same things but looks a little different. It also has a number stamped on it (8369). Not sure what that is, but it isn't the bottle number, which is at the top of the Gran Reserva strip.
  4. this is deffo much older DC. IIRC Bosco with 1976 printed on it - If I were to hazard a guess I'd put this as 1970 or earlier
  5. Yes, after I posted I reflected that it must be somewhat older.

  6. Can you rotate and photograph the left side of the front label please, so I can see the edge of it?
  7. Hmmm, definitely old, I remember seeing this discussed/explained somewhere. I'll see if I can track it down. I think the "5 ano" refers to age at bottling, but there may be more to it...
  8. I have seen bottles of this before mostly from the 60's and early 70's. Andy is correct the 5 ano is the number of years before bottling.
  9. 4F19DF0E-E03B-4393-8027-74CCFBE3F778.jpeg


    This what you’re after Simon?
  10. The former. Bottled 77 I think. If it was the 6 Annos it would be 1970. Not sure how accurate the 5 years is, so probably 71, maybe 70 if you’re lucky.
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  11. A la Vega Sicilia re the years before bottling rather than vintage, I guess. Old school.
  12. Thanks Simon - the lowest level one will be broached shortly - colour looks ok but level probably means DOA. We shall see.
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  13. According to the book, Finest Wines of Rioja and Northwest Spain, none of their wines were vintage dated until 1981. So it must predate that. Bottled in 77 as Simon says, I wonder what the G.G. means, any Spanish speakers?
  14. Unless the G. G. 9-77 relates to the label design, given that the estate was founded in 1877?
  15. Not strictly true. I have a bottle of Vina Bosconia 1942 and have had others form 40's and 50's all vintage labeled.

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  16. They may well have left the cellar considerably later than the vintage. Subsequent ‘after the event’ labelling of Gran Reserva for vintages pre the early 70s (when the designation came in) is also commonplace.
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  17. Good to know. Thanks
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  18. indeed I too have seen many an older bosco with the vintage on but Ive not come across one without it on before. My sense looking at bottle and capsule etc was early 70's or late 60's rather like the bottle of Ardanza we had a couple of years ago that predated vintage labelling. The cork bore no fruit and it looks as if this bottle at least will be a bit of a dud - it is by far the lowest level of the 6 and is currently residing in the decanter considering its options.
  19. Jonathan - LDH were basically completely surprised by people wanting creaky old wines which they still had stocks of. Unfortunately for all of us they have now cottoned on to the fact that people pay a premium for these, hence the fresh looking labels on what are pretty antique bottles.
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  20. Chris - I hope it surprises you in a good way!
  21. I can't help but recall a story I read many years ago when I was first reading about wine. The author was visiting Rioja, perhaps Haro, and tasted some wine in a tasting room. He really liked one particular older wine and though I cannot remember the exact details, it involved him coming back sometime later to pick them up. When he returned it was in the afternoon and the man originally behind the counter was no longer there. An older lady who came out from behind a curtain brought out the wine to him but none of the bottles had any labels. The lady reached under the counter and brought out a box of labels from under the counter and asked him which vintage he would like to have applied to his bottles. The gist of his story was that one was not to trust the vintage of some of the older bottles from Rioja.


    Edited to clarify that the story was about not relying on the vintages of older bottles.
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  22. Roger Jones might be able to help, are you friends with him on fb or Twitter?
  23. It sounds to me like Simon’s explanation is probably correct.

    Maria Jose was very communicative and helpful when I contacted LdH previously (with a query around a 1982 Tondonia “crianza”) so might be worth popping them a note to confirm.

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