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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Jim Agar, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. After visiting Haro earlier this year it was almost impossible to buy any Gravonia/Tondonia Blanco in the UK ( I hoovered up the remaining few bottles via Winesearcher). Quick look now and all sorts of vintages of both are available again at decent looking prices,so any steers on vintages would be really helpful as I could be tempted again!
  2. Jim - pretty well any vintage of Gravonia is worth having. There are differences of course, but I've never had one I didn't like in its own way.
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  3. Agree. Now Tondonia, on the other hand...;)
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  4. 99 and 01 Tondonia.
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  5. I've had the 2007 and 2008 Gravonia recently and would def go for the 2008. The 2007 was a brutal sort of wine - like drinking razors.. A great wine at one level but not much fun in practice. The 2008 is both classic and just lovely to drink. 2006s have all been good too.
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  6. I can recommend both 2003 and 2005 Gravonia. Not yet opened 2006-8.
  7. Bottle variation is creeping in on the 2003 Gravonia, but whether they're a little more mature or a little less so, 2003 is excellent, likewise 2001, 2004, and 2005. I'd be happy to share a bottle of the 2003 when I'm back to the UK in November Jim.
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  8. I had the 07 Gravonia about 18 months back and also found it rather more zingy than other vintages. I have very positive notes on the 5 and 6.
  9. By the way, a Tondonia Gran Reserva 96 was fabulous a couple of weeks back.
  10. We drank a fair amount of Gravonia 07 in Haro, 17 Euros/ bottle in the hotel bar if memory serves. Rude not to but we ended up slightly piddled before going out for dinner each night. It was fabulous but not enough experience to say how typical it is.
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  11. How typical getting slightly piddled before dinner is? Fairly, I imagine ;)
  12. Only slightly of course.:)
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  13. I prefer to refer to this as palate prep.
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  14. I think the better sales people amongst us ie. Hambo... refer to this as "palate sharpening".
  15. In my opinion the most recent release 2004 Tondonia Reserva seems to have amazing potential. My experience of this label at this age goes back to the 1996 tasted in 2012 (not that long admittedly) and the 2004 shows far more substance and balance than I can remember at this stage.

    I've already loaded up and I would suggest to do the same.

    For Gravonia, I haven't been impressed by 2006, had quite a few advanced bottles. Much prefer 2005 and 2007 for their freshness. Bottle variation quite a feature of Tondonia in general, as mentioned by others in parallel threads.
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  16. Totally with Brian, the 2004 is the best young Tondonia Blanco I've ever had... better than the 2001. Downside is either vintage is hard to come by, but you should snap them up before I do.
  17. Bought a case of 2008 Gravonia from Leo at Field & Fawcett- excellent service- but missed out on 6 2004 Tondonia Blanco at Christopher Keiller as they’d been snaffled by a trader and are now only available at a premium; should have found room in the car when they were available in Haro at about 27 Euros in a shop in the main square- Hmmph!
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