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  1. Yes, and quite often free if order over a reasonable size.
  2. And not quickened by a whole bunch of forumites doing a roaring trade with them. I’ve sent maybe towards 100 cases in relatively short order.
    Covid and moving to a new system haven’t helped either but as long as it’s loaded and I’m prepared for a few months before I can withdraw then I can cope. Just have to keep a good stream of stock.
  3. Oh, so it's YOUR fault.... Should've known.
  4. I suppose its the ability to take out a single bottle and deliver less than a case in which must slow things down considerably when waiting for our external stock to be booked in (and other obvious things going in on the world right now).
  5. I wonder how much effect the requirement for social distancing would have? If it's just guys zooming around on fork-lift trucks on their own, then maybe not that much? It's if you get pairs/small groups of people together that would cause trouble, surely?
  6. Geek question. Does anyone know how they manage the warehouse in terms of bin locations and pick lists? I.e. I’m curious as to whether they are allocating storage bins by customer or by product or another way.

    If each customer has their own bin location then that would help with the split case picking. If not.. it must be a nightmare... or maybe they are fully automated?
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  7. I don’t want to be a party pooper but as anyone considered the sustainability or possible Stability of L&W.?
    If this were any other trade and we talked if market leading flexibility, low prices, service that the competition cannot get near all with an incentive to join up There might be someone raising a cautionary eyebrow about longer term risk.
    Don’t get me wrong I have found L&W A delight to deal with and very nice people, nothing at all to complain about with much to commend.
    When anyone say “No Brainer” I have sometimes thought it best for someone to engage brain.
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  8. Always a fair question to ask. They have just been sold under a year ago after all , to some anonymous (probably overseas) conglomerate / person. They were at least sold as a going concern, and the new owners don't appear to have done anything drastic (yet). I don't think they're market leading where no competition can match them, they just happen to do cellarage a bit differently? (which happens to suit this particular bunch of forum members). They're not the cheapest necessarily (but sometimes are).
  9. I would expect Lay and Wheeler are doing a roaring trade post lockdown.

    From what I can ascertain (source is Oct 2019 Drinks Business article), Coterie Limited domiciled in Cayman own Vinotheque and Lay and Wheeler.

    Perhaps that might mean it is harder for L&W to look for storage business elsewhere (which could be a negative if they are getting poor service) but it may also help to explain why storage can be very reasonably priced.
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  10. Well the flip side is that you could take that as a real positive to greater chancesof success and profitability. They have run this business model for years and before the buy out so it’s not a new drive. It’s a small sample certainly, but if you look at my usage and perhaps others here it’s enticed us in to store more. Even at low prices that’s a good steady income on the storage but also how much do we each spend that may have gone elsewhere ?. My spend has increased greatly over the last 12 months and I now often look at LW as first or preferred port of call. There are so many wines I really do buy 1-3 bottles of that I would never splurge on a case and they do make it “too easy”. (I do understand we as a group and I are perhaps not a good indicator of general usage).
    Free delivery would be my only concern as a business model as it ramps up but I don’t know the costs. I think the warehouse as many places is run pretty leanly on staff and wages but I’m assuming with no knowledge.

    The final thought is around the safety of your wines if something happened and from what I can judge they are effectively safe though may be caught up in red tape for some time in administration etc as they are named accounts. You can also open up a private reserves with vinotheque which costs more but that is an option.
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  11. The L&W Cellar Circle model is very clever - and has managed to divert a good proportion of my wine spending from elsewhere. If I give them (say) £300 per month, that gives me cheaper storage, and I've got to spend that money on something!
    I've also sold a fair amount on their platform. Again, it's clever because you can't just name an absurdly high price and leave it to fate as one used to do with uvine (in more ways than one!). If it's for sale, it has to be at vaguely market rate.
  12. Hi all - I'm going to sign up for this today so offering the referral option to anyone who wants me to put their name in.

    Do I just email them after signing up to give the name?
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  13. Yes that is what I did! My account manager sorted it out for me after the fact.
  14. Very happy to take you up on your kind offer!
  15. Leon will put you down as first to reply if that works!
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  16. Graham - ok if I put you down as my referrer? Am planning to sign up.
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  17. @George Weavil absolutely - I would be honoured, many thanks indeed.

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