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  1. Cheers Daniel, will let you know if I actually take the plunge.
  2. I've recently joined Cellar Circle too and certainly happy for anyone to use my name for a referral.
  3. Shame I can’t use a few names as there are lots of kind offers!
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  4. I’ll let somebody else as I’ve had a couple of referrals now, though I’m doing a great sales job for Lay and Wheeler :) but if nobody steps in can always use my name.
  5. Shame i don't have any like minded people within my local friend groups! Im desperate to find someone local who is also in to wine, I've tried showing people L&W however most think £100 a month is a lot however I am sure that they probably spend more in one weekend!
  6. hold on hold on hold on - am I reading this right - if I have unmixed cases stored with L&W, as a Cellar Circle member I can withdraw less than the full case, and have it delivered, for free? (Well - for a given value of free).

    If this is the case this increases my quality of life significantly...
  7. I am not a cellar circle member and I can do that.
  8. Correct. This has led to L&W becoming a bit of a staging post for me as I am sending cases there where I would like to check in on one and leave the rest in storage.

    Also, you only pay the duty and VAT on what you withdraw and can leave the rest bonded.
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  9. Wow - I’ve been a member of the cellar circle for months and only just realised this. Game changer. Now i just need to get all of my other wine delivered there...
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  10. Unadvertised benefit is first 12 months of storage (from when you signed up) is free. Just have to mention to your account manager.

    Depending on where you are storing already, might be worth checking whether the additional service is worth it for the £10/case/yr LW cost, aware others are cheaper on less service included storage.
  11. I have to say I think they are the clear market leader on UX now, really impressive service and good value. Yes reserves transfers can be slow but they get there in the end, and being able to consolidate stocks and withdraw single bottles in batches to check in on cases over time is so useful.
  12. Leon. We need to talk sir. I will open up a whole new world for you :)
  13. Just use my name as the recommending party :)
  14. Still loving cellar circle after a couple of years on it; being able to cherry pick what I want from storage and for it to magically arrive usually within 3-4 days is what I need. Love TWS but their ‘must be a case of 12 of no more than 4 wines’ limit is annoying, as is their mixed case rule : So much so I’m considering moving a mixed case from TWS to L&w just so I can drink one bottle which will be ready before others.
  15. I've been getting this sort of thing delivered to my house and then sending the more youthful bottles, and the duplicates, on to LW - but to be honest I've now stopped making self-mixed cases at TWS as it's much easier just to add bottles here and there to LW reserves and then withdraw as and when. Meanwhile I now get all the other merchants to send on to LW.
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  16. Agree - my mixed cases at TWS were when they had something I couldn't refuse but didn't 12 of (but wanted them in storage) or a pre-mixed case which value wise I coudn't turn down. I've largely stopped that practice now too.
  17. The only downside is the time it takes for them to log stuff into the account at Vinotheque. Can be over 2 months. I hope that I'm not paying for that time... ;-)
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  18. This also applies where you're buying their existing stock, but not taking immediate delivery - alas
  19. I think that’s largely due to vinoteques turn around times, which have been very slow this year unsurprisingly
  20. Yet same issues not found at Octavian. I have some understanding but patience is finite especially as they are a business unlikely to be financially worse off during current times.
  21. What do the other merchants charge for sending to L&W reserves, just a standard delivery charge?
  22. I thinking staffing and distancing may be an issue, but I agree that patience is finite and they’ve stretched mine a bit over the past few months in terms of how long it’s taken for stock to show In my account after delivery, as that’s a couple of months that I don’t pay storage it’s not the end of the world but a bit frustrating when trying to tie up the location of various wines, especially when some of the supplying merchants have been even slower to deliver the stock to start with
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  23. Usually an in bond transfer fee which is usually lower than delivery for any decent merchant
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  24. They're always slow! I suspect they're about twice as slow now.
  25. My local Majestic still give me the 10% Cellar Circle discount despite Majestic and L&W now being in different ownership.

    The free mixed case delivery out of bond is great, hopefully that will be the norm one day.

    Even the L&W en primeur you can buy single bottles if you didn't fancy a 6 or a 12.

    I still have a few accounts where it would be £15 + VAT to deliver unsplit cases.
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