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  1. I think for a service including free delivery, it's not too bad.... It takes long time for wine to be listed yes, but I am not sure how is it compared to other wine storage service. There are some other small issues I experienced, but so far they are willing to sort out in a reasonable manner.

    You can arrange pick up at your address or at any Majestic Wine shop (still), for free. For free-of-charge-entry mixed cases you have to pack yourself, label it as mixed case not for itemized, and it will appear in your account as mixed case without content. You can only withdraw the whole case when you need to withdraw, of course. No matter the mixed case is to be itemised or not, it is not insured until it gets into warehouse. I think you can ask Lay and Wheeler to check if your parcel has arrived or not, even it will still take weeks if not months for it to be listed on the system.
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  2. Keeping the wife happy. Yes they do :)
    If you contact customer service (I speak to Sam) they send you a form to fill in and I would do your own spreadsheet with contents listed for each case and a ref number. Box them all up, put the Account details and reef on the box (I do top and side) and they arrange pickup. (Mixed cases aren't insured which is the only problem but full cases are - I've sent about 30 from here so far and sometimes taken the risk)
    I only request if I have a few cases as one case of six might be taking the pee a little.
    I've had them pickup from my office (which has good cool storage) a few times. I've also sent mixed DP cases from another merchant directly and also mixed and full cases IB directly to them from various merchants and suppliers.

    The only criticism I have so far is replicated across the wine world. Very slow load up times after delivery. So for example if you send from another supplier or get picked up from home expect around 6 weeks before you can see in your account available to withdraw. If the merchant has an account in Vinotheque its very quick (under a week) and varies. For example an LCB delivery from Tilbury 6 weeks ago isn't showing yet (30 + cases) yet an order from another supplier sent later is showing.
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  3. Yes.

    On the plus side you can set your own selling price and choose to sell any number of bottles. It's all easy to do yourself on-line too.

    They do charge 12% commission however - which is slightly more than anyone else.
  4. If single bottles and cases can be listed and sold through L&W that's certainly an attraction provided the merchant margin is reasonable and at least not grossly unfair.
  5. Fine & Rare charges up to 25%, which to my mind is nothing but gouging. As a long-term customer, I've managed to get that dropped to 10% across the board, but they've started to restrict what I can move into storage and hence on to broking - they clearly only want the cream, on which they can make a handsome commission. I have about three mixed cases I would like to move on, but they're only willing to take a case's worth - from what I can tell, £80 per bottle is the minimum they'll take.
  6. Good grief. I have received many phone calls at working hours from F&R saying they are my special wine manager and do I need any help. Annoying when you are in the office or lab. Noteworthy they are different persons all the time, seemly F&R couldnt keep staffs.
    Two days ago I was a bit irritated so i just told him plain and straight: there are other wine business around, if your price is not the best, don‘t bother calling me to tell me buying.
  7. Yeah, I had that problem years ago, when I first started buying from them, but once I got a proper account manager, things settled down. I've had the same contact for years now and have mostly had very good service from him. It's more the broking side of things that has started to wind me up.
  8. All approved now! £50 should be in your account anytime soon :)

    Had exactly the same experience with F&R. Constant emails and calls from different people. I find their prices to be very high as well so similarly told them to sod off. Also had a bad experience with some whisky I had stored with them. Some bottles came back with damaged cartons and the time it took to validate what was/was not in my portfolio was excruciatingly painful. I'd like to move the whisky I still have with them but can't find anyone who offers a similar service.

    I do see F&R have a massive amount of 2015 Brunello Di Montalcino in stock. Does anyone know why they have so much stuck and so many different vineyards when others are so limited? I've got a bit of an obsession with this release but would rather not buy through them :D

    On the Duty Paid storage, many thanks everyone for the tips and advice. Much appreciated and very helpful. L&W confirmed that they will take mixed cases for free with £10 a year storage. If I wanted them itemised it would be £20 charge for that plus £12 for a condition report.
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  9. Brain picking. I have most of my stuff in store at Vinotheque, who apparently won't charge me to move into Lay n Wheeler, whose charges are lower assuming one stays with the Cellar Circle...seems logical to move. Apart from perhaps more sluggish service, any other issues to consider (apart from L&W going bust) - assuming L&W will continue to have enough choice on their list.
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  10. My recent experience re delivery is very positive. I took out some reserves for Xmas and the wine arrived in two days. I withdrew a case of SA wines last week and they were with my local Majestic the next day. Cellar Circle works brilliantly for me so fingers crossed for the future. Have there been any changes at the top under the new owners? I haven't heard anything from Katy Keating recently.
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  11. I got a mail today advising I could save around 9% on my cellarage charges if I joined CC, and that would be appealing to me, as I store with l&w already it seems a simple decision

    in terms of landing stock it’s not that quick but that’s not what I’m after, over Xmas it can take a month or more, it’s been a good service for me for almost 10 years
  12. Today I was thinking... ok it might sound a bit silly.... Does Simon W. has anything to do with this Wheeler family? :rolleyes::oops:
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  13. No delivery is brilliant. It’s the loading up at warehouse for wines you send that’s slow but that’s the same at most places.
    Mind you if it’s already at vinotheque it can be very quick to load into your account. I bought some wine and by chance they used vinotheque so was in my account very quickly.
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  14. I’m afraid not Po-Yu, no family discounts here !
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  15. Apologies to all. My quote was from Alistair but it did not appear that way so have deleted.
  16. Thanks all, all seems prett compelling. I will probably shift over later in the year - recently paid the year ahead for Vinotheque so no great desire to be paying twice. I had thought I saw a reference somewhere to first year storage with CC being free but haven't been able to track that down.
  17. Hi Alistair, it is definitely free for the first year providing you are paying at least £100 per month in to the account, I am currently a L&W CC member.
  18. Anybody, who wishes me to use him/her as my referrer, please let me know. First come, first served, thanks.
  19. Yes please, Nick! Think you just need my name.
  20. I think that this is correct, so will email L & W today, thanks.
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  21. So long as they are also new customers of L&W
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  22. Hi Oliver

    First payment is at end of July, after which credit of £50 should arrive in your account, L & W has told me.
  23. Perfect, very kind of you Nick. I hope you enjoy the value you get out of L&W.
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  24. I have been an account holder for some years now but on reflection I am spending over £100+ every month so am thinking of joining cellar circle next month. Would anyone care to refer me and at the same time receive the £50 reward please?
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  25. you can use my name if you like - thanks
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