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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Thomas Venables, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. What do people think of Lay and Wheeler Cellar Circle?

    I really like L&W because you can buy single bottles from them and I don't drink enough/have storage space for lots of cases of wine.

    I've got a few bottles stored with them and was wondering about joining Cellar Circle for the delivery advantages.

    Are there any other good reasons to join?

    Also could I put down someone's name as it says if someone recommends it to you then you both get £50!?

    Thanks in advance for the advice.
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  2. Hi Thomas
    Yes absolutely (and feel free to use my name :) )
    I think it’s very good. The free delivery of course, slightly lower storage rates and they do send you the odd email or offers that you get first look at.
    You can start from £100 per month but if you run up lots of credit and aren’t spending you can request to withdraw / cancel.
    At that level I find it very useful and you always seem to find the odd bottle or 3 to spend it on.

    Just had some great customer service today, so I’m becoming a big fan and spending more and more with them.
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  3. Hopeful that the new ownership should also allow them a little more freedom to offer more left field wines. Although the owners and strategy are yet to be announced i think.
  4. I recently signed up (with Mike as my recommender) and had some great service yesterday - called at lunchtime, had one bottle of DDC Blanc delivered by breakfast time today free of charge, another put in my reserves, most of the cost 'on tick' (ie my monthly payments will cover it in due course).
  5. I joined several months ago, without seeing the deal so I lost the award and some forumite potential lost it, too! :oops::p
  6. Does anyone think that prices (storage/delivery/cellar circle fees/even the price of their wine) will go up?

    I would guess Coterie was formed to hide the fact it was probably bought by some city investment firm masquerading as a "family company" and they will want to get as much out as they can (sorry I am a cynic).
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  7. That's a mighty fine breakfast Nick :)
  8. Where is the £50 introduction offer mentioned in the sign up process? Can’t see it mentioned.
  9. I think you just email them, saying who ( such as me! :D:D:D ) referred you, they should be able to work it out.
  10. Well let’s give that a try then Po!
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  11. Thanks for the advice, that's great!
  12. Been contemplating joining the Cellar Circle for a while now and finally took the plunge last night based on the feedback in this thread :)

    If anyone would like me to mention their name to get the £50 referral let me know :D
  13. Hi Ed - always happy to take a referral being a solid advocate of LW services :)
  14. Am I right in thinking that one can transfer existing IB holdings to Cellar Circle, and if so is there an admittance / inspection / transfer charge?
  15. Hi Graham, I asked them and they said can transfer in IB bottles for free but the other provider might charge an exit fee so check with them.
  16. Will email them now :cool:
  17. More importantly I was told an unadvertised benefit is free storage for a year from when you first sign up. Although I still haven’t got round to consolidating my various IB holdings....
  18. I think they accept unmixed cases for free, whether IB or DP, but charge to check-in mixed cases.
  19. I don't know if the have changed the rule, but I think if it's DP, mixed case can be accepted free of charge, if they don't need to record the content of the case.
  20. For DP bottles do they need to come from another merchant? I've got a whole load of bottles at home I'd like to put in storage to keep the wife happy.

    Also, if anyone knows any where that will store whisky that would be an even bigger help ;)
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  21. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    Rare to see a thread such as this when all seems positive and 'win win', so well done Lay & Wheeler.
  22. I have done exactly this - sent c. 20 mixed cases a couple of months ago, made up of odd bottles that weren't ready to drink, all but one or two bottles (for near-term consumption) of cases that were, and a couple of unopened DP cases of Champagne from TWS. Some comments on doing so:

    - you need to send a spreadsheet of the wines you're consigning, plus ideally drinking dates
    - suggest you pack the wines before making the spreadsheet as not all bottles will fit in all boxes
    - they then come and pick up (for free if you're a Cellar Circle member) the wines, promptly on a date of your choosing. L&W customer service team were great to deal with.
    - apart from the hassle of making and printing labels and taping up boxes, the other bit that isn't ideal is the time between collection and the wines appearing on your account. My boxes were collected on 21 November, they officially acknowledged receipt on at the beginning of Jan (although I did have a paper receipt from the courier), and the wines appeared on my account at the end of Jan. A bit nerve-wracking having thousands of pounds worth of wine in limbo for that long.
    - have checked and Po is right, mixed cases are free unless you want them itemised on your account. Not sure how you withdraw them using the online system if they aren't, though.
    - I've already made an initial drawdown (having freed up some space over Christmas) and they came quickly and at no cost
  23. Has anyone sold wine through their broking service? I've been using Fine & Rare but they're starting to dick me around, so I'm thinking about moving on.
  24. Free delivery to Mainland England only :mad:
  25. No I haven't, as I think the price is pretty low (good for people who buy from clients though)
    When you wanna join... remember to get your £50 credit and help one of us having £50 ;)

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