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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by David Crossley, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. PS - I must thank the good Mr Marks for talking me into having lots of ovens. Definitely the way to go.
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  2. Can you actually draw a really large pan of boiling water from the Quooker? the boiling water taps I have seen have tanks of very small capacity, which seems to negate the point unless one has it for cups of tea.
  3. To be able to make tea more quickly must partly negate its essential role as a tool for procrastination.

    Although I imagine that could satisfyingly be replaced by admiring one's own kitchen. (The predictive text on my phone suggested wife for kitchen, clearly being unaware of her recent role in the Driving Without Insurance Incident). Surveying the planning, resources and space of my own kitchen, I realise that time spent boiling the kettle will remain essential to me, even if I pad it out by using my phone to make valuable contributions to a wine forum.
  4. We have in integrated fryer and grill in our new place, but the good doesn’t seem quite up to the job when in heavy use.
    Has anyone tried to upgrade the fan. (Scholtes, no idea of model?)
  5. You can buy different size tanks Tom. I think Quooker go up to at least 7 litres, which I imagine is big enough for most jobs.
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  6. I think my old one was 9l. It did for a fairly large pan of water, but certainly not enough for a giant stock pot of water for pasta.

    I think that Quooker have worked this one out. Big capacity model for the cooks and a small capacity for those who merely want a toy for tea making and novelty value.

    Mr Bubb, my Miele problem was my freezer. Hopeless at attempting to fix it. Simple job, but three visits, an aborted visit and nearly a month.
  7. I suspect that had the Ashes gone slightly differently (eg no rain at Lords) the engineer might have treated you more favourably Mr P.
  8. After the postponement of our build on 6 April we have been camping in our dining room for a couple of weeks now, and today we got to the end of the hard bit. We still have to wait for flooring, worktops and glass splash backs, but I have to say it was a pleasure this evening to use a washing machine for the first time in three weeks. Still a way to go, time wise, but right now it looks like the gain may be worth the pain.
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  9. We’re looking at 4 weeks without, lost the hob on Friday, may be a long few weeks but building work started end of Feb so have become used to disruption to a degree!
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  10. I’m sure you’ve got this sorted but my sister has a lakeland plug in induction hob - she now uses it in preference to her plumbed in gas cooker.
  11. The plug-in induction hob we borrowed has been a lifesaver. Last time we did a kitchen it was takeaways all the way (a lot of pizza). Two rings and a rice cooker is all you need. Having the oven back seems like luxury but you know what...apart from the burn-off we’ve not used it yet!
  12. We’re into day two of our kitchen replacement. Just bare walls now. We think another three weeks Until everything is fitted and working, then some additional decorating. Luckily we have a microwave in the garage and I kept our two ring, one grill camping stove. We can also use the gas barbecue as an oven at a stretch as well. Missing the ability to wash up comfortably (using the bath and bathroom basin) the most so far.
  13. We lose a little bit seemingly every day , very impressed with the £40 induction from amazon so far, certainly not looking forward to losing the dishwasher, the last work we did was 13 years ago and washing up in the nice new freestanding bath we installed is an abiding memory. (And now gone to make room for something more child friendly!)
  14. We found out today that due to Covid-related production delays we won’t get our Karndean floor until early August. Hopefully our other last bits will go to schedule...work surfaces 13 July and sink/hob the day after. Then, with just floor, splash backs and blinds to do we will at least be able to get a kitchen back.

    It’s funny. We have had no problems choosing anything for the kitchen, no disagreements, but we just can’t agree on a pendant light fitting for over the kitchen table.

    Cooking in our dining room hasn’t been the chore I’d expected. Washing up In the upstairs bathroom sink has been back breaking though.
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  15. Into our second week of our new kitchen. Induction hob is a revelation (after gas) and having two full size ovens already proving a good decision. Still looking for lights for the breakfast area though (David).
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  16. We are loving induction. I thank Simon and Bryan so much for giving me the confidence to run with that.

    We may just go with a flashy bulb over the table Andrew, at least until we find a light fitting we like that doesn’t cost £600 from Heals.

    We love our under-cupboard LED lights, and in fact the whole kitchen (though our Karndean goes down on Weds and the splashbacks to be fitted next week). Our kitchen is made by Nölte in Germany and despite a couple of replacements for items damaged in transit we have been 100% impressed. Though with white Almost everywhere we are becoming super cleaners.
  17. Is there anyone who has switched to induction who is unconvinced?
    Modern domestic gas appliances have been too tamed by safety and efficiency regulations to do any longer what they can really do best, though perhaps when we are freed from under the EU yoke we can really let rip again-indeed the fire brigade's days of glory may yet return!
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