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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by David Crossley, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. Regarding layout, a point made by a forumite on previous kitchen thread was to avoid very wide wall cabinets, use narrow ones or avoid entirely, over a much used work surface as they can be a claustrophobic. I took that advice and it worked for me, although I am 6ft5in so maybe not everyone feels the same way.

    You might consider space for a small wine fridge to keep wines at serving temperature. I bought a small wine fridge for the kitchen (I have an all in one kitchen, dining room and sitting room layout so fridge close to dining table) with two different temperature compartments for serving wine. I took out most shelves so could store bottles vertically, to aid sedimentation on old wines and so could then decant and put decanters back in fridge ready for service. Optimized for red and white Burgundy, one is set at 11 °C and one at 15°C. Solves a lot of problems and worries about temperatures.
  2. Lovely in-line galley layout. As you say good design doesn't date.
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  3. Such is the mad world of property that any kitchen installer will confirm that the very smartest appliances and kitchens are frequently ripped out and replaced without ever having been used.
  4. We went with Schmidt via Marc at Hampstead kitchens. Very pleased with it, all Blum guts and very configurable. Highly recommend Marc.

    Didn't use a designer did it myself with Marc.

    Ours was complicated by the room the kitchen was going into not being complete until just before it arrived and long before order had to go into factory in France.
  5. ???
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  6. Drawer runners, soft closing mechanisms, cutlery holders, grip mats, drawer boxes etc.
  7. One thing (actually the only thing) I like about the kitchen in our current rental is that you can empty the entire dishwasher into cupboards without taking more than one step (cutlery excepted).

    At my in laws the same task takes a few hundred steps.
  8. Ditto... (And the cutlery ;) )
  9. Ah but the cutlery is in a little basket thingy so easy to move. I think I prefer that to the separate shelf at the top.
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  10. One further question (preparing early)...where's the best place to buy a dozen or so good cardboard boxes for emptying the cupboards? Do self-storage places tend to sell them? The variety and price on Amazon is so bewildering and you can't see how strong (or not) the less expensive are. Any recs welcome.
  11. Self store places sell them I believe, as do removal firms (at least some). Surely you must have some wines boxes David, or have they all been recycled?;)
  12. Removals companies have them, maybe try calling a local removals firm. If cost is a concern, then they might let you have pre-used ones at a discount.
    On a related matter, I have been buying a load of TWS wine boxes for moving my stash. I thought £1/box wasn't too bad - and I like the design of their boxes.
  13. Thanks Alex. Cost isn't an issue directly. I want new ones because after the kitchen is done I want to reuse them to stash a load of our daughter's stuff in the loft. I just found the choice online so bewildering that I figured it might be good to buy some that I can actually feel the cut of, so to speak.

    £1/box does seem good, though IIRC the TWS boxes aren't the strongest...unless they've upgraded? Others would know better. Wine cases are a little too small for me as I need bigger for that second use, ideally, though I'm sure a few of ours will be called upon for the kitchen bottles (oils, waters etc).
  14. TWS aren't double-skinned, so not the strongest, but pretty decent if kept dry!
    They're also tall enough to hold German/Alsace bottles and Magnums (although probably not German magnums).
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  15. I see you mention DIY Kitchens, Chris. We are tending in the direction at the moment as they are keenly priced and seem well reviewed. No idea what the carcass construction actually is though now you mention it.

    Edit: I have just checked and they fit into the 18mm MFC, 2mm ABS, glue and dowel bracket...
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  16. I have no idea how prevalent problems are with induction hobs, but when we last did up a property and had no gas supply we went for an induction hob, my wife never really took to it re gas but it was fine once adjustment had taken place.
    The downside was we were there for only 30 months and two months before we moved the hob packed up, very expensive to repair out of warranty which rather took the gloss of it, never had a problem with gas hobs, still it will all be academic when they phase gas out but that is another story.
  17. Do you mean those little wooden ones for a single bottle? I bought a few for Christmas decoration storage.
  18. No - Cardboard 12-packs (although I believe we also use something similar for storage of decorations!)
  19. Might be worth asking your friendly local wine merchant if they can let you have some David. Wine boxes are nice and strong. When I worked at Oddbins we would bin dozens of empty boxes on delivery day.
  20. Hi Jack, I think Kitchens for DIY are also worth checking out. Good reviews and construction looks a bit better than DIY Kitchens.
  21. They are as you say good enough, I have quite a few pending a move, but you are right the ones kept in the garage deteriorate when even slightly damp, the best ones now not available were the Tesco direct ones.
  22. They look lovely, will check em out. The website is a bit less informative on price and finish options etc. so assume they prefer to take you through a process with an assistant rather than let you loose...
  23. Chris, any idea how Kitchens for DIY compare to DIY Kitchens price-wise? Looks like you have to go through a relatively involved process before they give you a quote.
  24. Going through the process now Jack, will let you know when I have a price.
  25. On another note, I find myself drooling over used Lacanche ranges in a most undignified manner - does anybody now if they are actually any good?

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