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  1. In about 1995 I had someone try to return an early 60s bottle of Pol Roger White Foil (as it was then) because it was flat and oxidised. It was a birthday gift and the donor said it had come from us. I'm afraid I didn't change it; don't think Oddbins auditors would have looked kindly on that. My careful and tactful :rolleyes: explanation was not received well.
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  2. Not that this is *any* consolation, in fact if anything it's more embarrassing for J&B to be compared to what I'm about to tell you, but it's commonplace in the states from what I've found. A majority percentage of the large wine merchants and often winemakers too will email over a pdf attachment to be printed out, filled in with CC details, and emailed or mailed(!) back. This was the case with one of the biggest "pre arrival" retailers here in southern California, and upon querying it, it seemed clear that they have a filing cabinet stuffed with all their client's credit card forms which they then fish out and charge every time they make a purchase.

    I was tempted to start with "Well the PCI-DSS..." but I just knew it was a lost cause despite it being somewhat required by state law.
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  3. You're right. Not always. One anecdote though: many years ago, someone tried to return a bottle from a wine producer that I did stock, but not a vintage that I had bought. When queried, the 'customer' admitted that he had bought it from the producer, direct, when he was visiting the area and thought I would just swap it for him. He had no idea how dishonest that was. It was a £6 wine.
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