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  1. Hi All.
    im not sure if this is the right place to put this so forgive me if not.

    A friend is organising a Sunday Brunch with Steven Spurrier to celebrate the launch of his new book. The event is on Sunday 1st July at The Compton Gallery in Gloucestershire.
    There'll be the book launch, a brunch buffet and tasting of some of his wines.

    I won't be there as I'm attending an evening event the night before with him (might be a few places left for that if anyone is interested) but I said i'd see if i could drum up some extra interest for the brunch.

    does that appeal to anyone here? Let me know and i can supply more details and contact details.

  2. Tom Cannavan

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    If this is a commercial event, it is not appropriate to post it here - Sorry, but the policy has to be applied equally to all participants. The commercial forum is there for any commercial tastings, lunches, etc. Please advise.
  3. Hi Tom

    My apologies, i wasnt sure if that was the case. i dont think its commercial, it certainly isn't anything to do with me, but its an event run by a Gallery i supply. Feel free to delete it if needs be.
    My apologies.

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