Jamie Oliver's restaurants hit the buffers

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  1. I remember reading a stat claiming that consumers only attempt 5-10% of the recipes in any cookbook they own, and retain and repeat a fraction even of that small figure! This probably tallies with my own experience for the mainstream TV chef books I own.
  2. I loved to read my mum's cook books when I was a kid, and then did my 'experiments' in the kitchen, of course made it a mess.
    After I started to appreciate beautifully pictured cookbooks, though use them much less.
    Nowadays I just check on phone for several different recipes for similar cake or dish, do the shopping and then cook with phone aside.
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  3. I got into cooking around the same time JO emerged and, cod-mockney repartee aside, I found him to be engaging and very good at explaining the basics which was perfect for the teenage novice that I was at the time (as opposed to the semi-adult novice that I am now). He is/was an excellent communicator and his approach struck a chord where Gordon’s steamy loudness, Nigella's pretentiousness and Delia's Laura Ashley stuffiness failed. It's easy to forget this now but at the time his method of showing the entire process - buying the ingredients and then showing every aspect of the prep including basic technical advice on chopping veg, preparing meat etc. - was very innovative and in stark contrast to almost every other cooking show where the camera would pan out to magically reveal pre-prepped ingredients waiting obediently in a dozen virginal white serving dishes; perfectly julienned carrots immaculately fanned out like scallop shells. Although I’ve no doubt that JO employs a legion of food stylists for his own moneyshots.

    I have contempt for the modish position of disliking him by default, as embarrassingly espoused by Mozza and Gordon Ramsay amongst many others and, whilst the exaggerated cheeky-chappie routine undoubtedly grates, there’s hardly anyone on television that doesn't ham it up for the cameras to some extent: Keith Floyd’s vinous bonhomie, Nigella’s hyper-sexualised style and The Hairy Bikers….erm, hairiness, are all switched on and dialled up to the max. Even Gino D’Acampo does it. Either way, this is more a criticism of the genre than the man.

    To my mind he has always seemed well-intentioned and it would take the most hardened cynic to see his charitable works as anything other than genuine. He may be a squillionaire now but he certainly wasn't when he remortgaged his family home to get his social enterprise project Fifteen off the ground.
  4. Very fair comments, Will, with which I largely agree.

    Who’s Mozza, by the way?

    So far as Nigella is concerned, it’s worth remembering that she used to be a fairly serious operator before she went on the telly and became “Nigella”. Her (first?) book How to Eat is very worthwhile.
  5. Thanks for the recco, Colin. I think my mum has a copy of How To Eat, and I shall seek it out when next visiting.

    Mozza is Morrissey, sometime member of The Smiths and either the greatest lyricist of all time or pious whining Northerner depending on your perspective. He frequently issues public insults to JO and once suggested that he should put his own children in a microwave. What a charming man.
  6. Also a bit of a right wing pig Will!
  7. Yep - now a truly awful reactionary crank. Tectonic plates have indeed shifted!
  8. Will, it was really nothing ;)
  9. Come on Paul, that joke isn't funny any more.
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  10. Thanks for the explanation, Will. I have to admit to being aware of Morrissey. Although I'm not familiar with his music, from all I've read he comes across as a tosser. I didn't know he had it in for Jamie Oliver, though.
  11. Given the strength of opinon, probably worth a Morrissey thread as very off-topic, but I'm bamboozled at the right-wing thing as the main appeal of his (Smiths) lyrics was two-fingers to intolerance, norming and societal bullying. Ho hum. It was obviously just the pathetic whinging which most of my mates said it was...

    Jamie - don't respond well to the cheeky-chappie-pukka-tukka stuff, certainly respect his well-intentioned turkey twizzler and fifteen stuff, never saw him as a businessman and has obviously overreached. It's to be hoped his squillions are able to pay off creditors and deal symapthetically with staff; I'd certainly bear him no ill-will should he do that and appear back on the screen.

    I've never eaten in one of his restaurants, but we avoid chains (except Pizza Express for some reason - only so much you can get wrong with pizza I suppose) comme la plague.
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  12. I just want to see the boy happy
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