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  1. Perusing further this is really a pretty nice sale, not like the amazing ones we enjoyed a decade (or was it more?) ago but with loads of interest at prices we may not necessarily see again; though who can say in today's world?
    I wonder if the website is actually up to date? I may not after all be able to resist adding to my sadly depleted white wine collection.
  2. I tried to order a few things. The website confirmed my order and then I was contacted to let me know two of the items were out of stock and one was labelled wrong on the website (Drouhin Cotes de Beaune) so I just cancelled the order. Strange to have a website so out of kilter with reality!
  3. Ah, thanks for the warning!
  4. I was tempted, but can't be bothered with the apparent hassle.
  5. So the Drouhin wasn't the Cote de Beaune?

    That was the one which drew me in.
  6. It was Cote de Beaune Villages. A mistake on the website. The guy at J&B who emailed me definitely adopted a “of course it’s not the Cote de Beaune, that is a much more expensive wine” approach. Silly me for thinking the wine described was actually the wine they were selling!
  7. That may be so but it also fell within the range of discounts touted as well.

    Glad I didn't bother trying now!
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  8. The really stupid thing is that the CdeB villages is a very decent wine indeed, as are all the 'little' Drouhin wines, and the price is good though not an absolute giveaway. It does seem extraordinarily inept to get this so wrong and annoy so many people.
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  9. Is the lack of contrition all part of the 'new normal' (sic)?
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  10. I’ve had similar attitudes the very few times I’ve ordered from J&B, so now I don’t
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  11. Classic J&B. E&O would be a more appropriate acronym.
  12. I was told my delivery was due to arrive today. By 4pm, and it hadn't arrived, I emailed my contact at J&B and she responded within 45 minutes to say she had contacted the delivery company and it will now be coming tomorrow. I had two sincere apologies from her in two sentences. And I wasn't too bothered about the delay - I was more concerned we'd be sitting in the back garden when the delivery person knocked our front door and we didn't hear them. Just wanted to say that they're not all bad at service there.
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  13. I ordered late on Sunday night and everything arrived an hour ago, which seems pretty good going.
  14. That must be the answer. If you put the wine in reserves (mainly because I can’t afford to buy what I want DP) it causes all sorts of problems.
  15. Location, location, location. :)
  16. In a shocking development, not least to me, I appear to have impulse bought a case each of the 2015 and 2017 Guillemot 1er Cru Serpentieres SLB (from A&B, rather than J&B).

    It wasn't even a sale!
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  17. But you won't regret it! This wine is old-school burgundy in a good way. Unflashy, unworked, taking its time to develop, and speaking of honest winemaking and the soil when it's ready to drink.
  18. My order arrived safely this afternoon. :cool:

    JB Delivery Web.JPG
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  19. Agreed, Guillemot is great value. My non-geek friends like it too.
  20. Excellent - looks like the 2017 will probably be delicious on the fruit now, and the 2015 best left for a while.
  21. Proper cases, or those miserable 6 bottle emblems of mercantile parsimony? I do find their ubiquity very distressing though it may be thought that I should have got used to it by now. The arrival of a new case or two of a dozen bottles affords a delicious sense of future pleasure and amusement while in my experience a six pack is gone almost instantly and never properly becomes part of one's life. I have very strong sales resistance to six bottle cases so buy vastly less wine than previously, though admittedly that isn't the only reason..
    Guillemot makes, and has always made, lovely wines.
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  22. Tom you must stop it. I am halfway back there to buy another 6 of each!
  23. Go for it-on past performance they will last for decades.
  24. I've found less bullet-proofness with Guillemot whites.
  25. A white burgundy rather than Guillemot phenomenon, I fear.
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