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  1. yesterday I ordered three bottles of Caroline Morey Santenay and a bottle of d'Ampsej from Matteo Correggia. This afternoon I had an email to say that all had been sold out. I think I'll buy some Beaujolais form the Wine Soc instead.
  2. Well, I've also saved several hundred pounds thanks to the sale being pulled! That puts my grand total of purchases at 3 bottles since the beginning of February and for reasons I've yet to fathom I still seem to have plenty to drink.
  3. I note the sale has started again for those interested.
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  4. I think the awkwardness of the J&B website and ordering process genuinely prevents me giving them business, particularly for impulse or semi-impulse purchases. That may be a good thing for me, but i doubt it is for them. The opposite is the case for L&W.
  5. I agree, although I would have bought a few cases could I afford it. I was tempted by the Colombier Crozes and maybe Coutet Cornas but couldn’t justify it. Ended up paying £43 for 12 Pochon Crozes halves. Not a great wine but ok for solo drinking.

    I bought some wine from them back in March, some only appeared in ‘my wines, this week after a number of emails, and some are still saying‘ processing’ after all this time.

    Trouble is L&W are too easy and I end up placing small orders almost 2/3 times a week sometimes.
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  6. That's an insanely good price! Bought 6...
  7. Nearly avoided it as saw some poor bargains and one champagne above retail pricing but...
    Jacky Blot Mi Pente at £11.50 IB is very good indeed .
  8. Completely. Danger zone is when I get on the bus home after work (which unfortunately for L&W isn't happening at all at the moment). I see an email and with about 4 or 5 touches of my iPhone screen I've suddenly bought something.
  9. I picked up a 6 pack of Crozes Thalabert 2017 for a reasonable £104. Also got some Barolo, Rocche dell Annunziata, Rocche Costamagna, 2013 at 42% discount. I really struggle to find value with Italian wine so hoping this will deliver at the price (£124 for a 6 pack).
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  10. Hi Paul
    The Rocche Costamagna decent for the price and one you should be able to pop a bottle young without encountering a tannic shell. FWIW the Correggia Roero wines also well priced, but I struggle to get excited by them.

    For value in Italian wines, do give James Bercovici of this forum a shout at Big Red Wine. Some of his wines are wonderfully good value.

    However also (as ever) worth exploring what you like (/ don't like), as that's where true value lies
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  11. Weirdly, on the invoice/receipt they've emailed me, it does say Villages... Hope you're right!
  12. Thanks Ian. Wines due to arrive on Monday so will probably let them recover from travel shock and try one next weekend.
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  13. It's a different wine and the wrong one-don't accept it if it is that.
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  14. The label on the website suggests its the right one.
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  15. I am looking to put a mixed case together where single bottles are available (might send there system spiralling) some Weinbach and the Barolo- hence the quotes. Which of the Weinbach wines would go for please?
    Also experimenting with Cab Franc so does anyone have any experience with Domaine de la Butte?

    Edit - didn’t realise Jacky Blot and de la Butte are one and the same.
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  16. Domaine de la Butte (effectively Jacky's red label) is very decent.
  17. Yes and all well priced. The Mi Pente still needs time in bottle but is normally £25-27 IB and is only £11 there.
    I grabbed some.

    Can’t go wrong with the entry level one either (only around £15 anyway full price) At around £8 from memory it’s a very shrewd buy and drinking now onwards.
  18. Shame (or maybe not :rolleyes:) I never spotted those when ordering, as I am down to my last two bottles of Mi-Pente 2013. Perhaps they'll still be there in their next sale.
  19. Still 10 cases and 2 bottles left at £70 per case IB (the 2016) :)
  20. I shall resist, seeing as my order is due to arrive tomorrow.
  21. Not in the sale but I saw they had Morgon -JP Brun 2018 for £9.95 a bottle IB- so bought some of that instead.
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  22. You’ll be fine with any of the Weinbach wines. They are a first class producer. The Theo riesling can be really good value.
  23. Can anyone still access the sale? I can no longer find it on the website
  24. If you scroll through the "discover" images on the home page you can access via the summer sale image
  25. Thank you. Still not going to purchase anything i don't think

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