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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by GeorgeParkinson19, May 26, 2020.

  1. J&B's Summer Sale has gone live... a few interesting things but can't imagine ill purchase anything. Worth having a look though
  2. Oh see it now. Whoop s
  3. Impossible to enter the website. At least from here.
  4. Just click where it says Italy and change to U.K.

    Nothing tempted me. Well the Diebolt-Valois 07 Mags a little.
  5. ha ha we've broken the website
  6. Had a look, bought nothing.
  7. I tried to buy a couple of things but the failure of the website caused me to reflect that I really didn't need anything, so with many thanks to J&B I am £500 richer this evening than I was this morning.
  8. And able to spend it how you wish...
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  9. let’s play a game of trying to guess what Tom was trying to buy! My guess is the 1990 ampeau blagny.
  10. No-keep trying! I love Ampeau's reds but the price is far too high for the three good bottles there are likely to be in the case-but on closer inspection there is only one bottle.
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  11. I haven't been to their tastings for a while but did like the du Coulet Cornas wines, however the pricing always seemed out of kilter with other producers. I see they have been cut by around 45-58% and still aren't selling through.
  12. Nothing here. It’s just like rehashing an old sales list with a remote hope of orders.
  13. 93 Remy Latricieres
  14. Close but no cigar! it was the 97 that seemed to me the best bet.

    On balance I won't get around to drinking it but the Drouhin Cote De Beaune 2013 is a lovely wine at a remarkably fair price-nb this is not Cote de Beaune villages.
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  15. Bought some stuff but the terrible website almost made me give up.
  16. Yep - the website was a disgrace. Persevered and topped up my Weinbach stocks....motivated partly by a spectacular bottle of Schlossberg Catherine 02 last night (a wine that tastes younger with every bottle I open).
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  17. Well, if I had £50k spare and loads of room in the cellar I would possibly be interested...
  18. Yes, I ended up just emailing, and it all went through. I’m not sure their website would have seen this much traffic in a while, it was pretty much down from the start
  19. Quelle surprise
  20. oh FFS now it was working they did have some decent prices on some drinking Italians so we'll see how 'live' the stock list is.
  21. Now that's a different kind of Denial of Service.
  22. Email them. I got the stuff I asked for including Remy and Diebolt... Tired of austerity...
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  23. Thanks for the tip - I picked up a decent selection of Weinbach too. They’ve now suspended the sale, apparently overwhelmed by demand.
  24. I had a bit of a clear run at it, what with the time difference, and thought there was quite a bit of interesting stuff if one was in accumulation mode. I filled a basket and then thought better of it because I'm not.

    I did enjoy my annual J&B birthday celebration to enter the site - I'm 107 this year and lookin' good.
  25. well remarkably only six bottles shy of what I ordered last night and I think a nice bunch of drinking wines are on the way. It's a pity that normally their pricing is just a bit too overambitious.

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