NWR Jürgen Klopp - the best ambassador for Germany and Football

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  1. Liverpool thoroughly deserve to have won the Premier League this season and as a Chelsea fan am happy that we did our bit to make it happen sooner rather than later.
  2. Well done Liverpool. Only the bitterest fan would deny Liverpool the Premier League title this season.
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  3. Martin,
    Drink may have been taken by Klopp before that interview.

    I think he is a beer man and I will be joining him tonight with the use of this top draw piece of football tat. This beauty makes a circuit when opening the bottle that then talks to you starting "ah Jurgen..... " the rest is way beyond my basic German.

    (Although moving on swiftly afterwards to the jj prum Spatlese currently in the fridge).

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  4. Richard,

    JJ Prüm Spätlese, great choice. Vintage?

  5. 2018 graacher himmelreich so very young. All white peach and honeysuckle but absolutely lovely, especially on a warm night.
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  6. On the liverpool tat and beer note. Let's hope whoever came up with this concept is the one who was 'disappeared ' in the lake in a recent Carling ad. (Sorry Martin probably only screened in the Uk)

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  7. Well as an Evortonian it’s my lot to be bitter but I have to accept the outstanding achievement of dropping 7 points after 30 odd games, and a Liverpool have played an exuberant, attacking style which will be mimicked but not copied for years to come. There will be a tactical reaction to Klopp’s heavy metal football one day but for the moment it is preeminent.
  8. Klopp being Klopp

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  9. Steven,

    fair argument.

    BUT I added a "haha" and a pinch of invisible (!) self-mockery. On the other hand as we are always the bad guys or evil in the movies based on our history, its good to see that we can bring something good to the world, besides RIESLING. :p
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  10. I didn't mean it as a negative (being 25% German myself), just an observation!
  11. :) Interesting.
  12. You do build some seriously good cars though :)
  13. These times are gone, Paul. Our car legacy is over, but the german car industry doesn’t know it so far. They think we are still in the 80s. BTW, we have a huge demand for bicycles in Germany since the pandamic and for electro cars too. As we are a Design-affiliated household, I have to say the design incl. colors of German cars are horrible. Furthermore it is interesting to note that the generation of the 20s are not such interested in cars. The numbers of driver lincences goes steadily down together with car buying in the generation of 18-25 years old.
  14. .......
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  15. I'm surprised you say that, Martin. I am on my 4th BMW in a row and the build quality, refinement, reliability and technology have been excellent in all of them, progressively getting better with each new model. Then there's Porsche...........
  16. Paul,

    you should know that I am not an auto-freak, but TESLA I love.
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  17. Thought German cars were always mid-table for reliability. I always buy Japanese cars because of how well they do in reliability surveys as every minute spent in a car showroom makes me want to kill someone.
  18. “I know it’s not 100% appropriate as a Liverpool manager but I admire him,” he said. “I remember he was the first British manager I met. We had breakfast.

    “I’m not sure how much he remembers but I remember because for me this moment was like meeting the pope.‚

    Klopp about Sir Alex Ferguson

    Jürgen Klopp praised by Alex Ferguson after winning LMA manager of year
  19. I was only speaking from personal experience from 10 years of driving BMWs. Only one longish period (10 days) off the road waiting for a part and I was given a courtesy car and the dealer paid for dinner out for the 2 of us at Castle Terrace (about £300) as compensation.
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